12 Things To Give Up If You Want To Change Your Life

There has never been a better time than the present moment to change your life. If you want to be happy, sometimes you will have to let go of certain things that may have been a part of you for quite some time. This can be anything from traits to habits to unhelpful characteristics. But once you do, you will naturally awaken to the higher aspects of yourself and how great life can be.

Being able to ‘live well and be happy’ play a massive part of quality of life and being able to control that makes it even better. We can all control our life in the aspect of what we believe, who we want to be and how we act. As well as being able to focus on what we can control rather than what we can’t, which is a great step to living your happiest and simplest life.

Rebecca Taylor reveals how to change your life:

1 – Give up the delay to be happy

We are only ever in the present moment. Not the past, not the future, but now.  Stop waiting for that perfect day to come to do something, to change something, to say something. That time is now. If you keep waiting for ‘that perfect day’, it will never arrive.  A great tip is the 5 second rule, which means whatever you are procrastinating to do, you have 5 seconds to get up and do it which can be applied to absolutely anything. Mel Robbins has an amazing book all about the 5 second rule.

2 – Give up your meaninglessness 

Life is whatever you make it. You have the power in your hands to create whatever beautiful painting of life you wish and make your own meaning to it. When you think deeply about it, this is such a luxury that you can be whoever you want to be and live whatever life you want. Nothing is worth dying for so the choice is yours. What life do you want to create? What person do you want to become? What life meaning do you want? Life is about storytelling and creating a life for you, so what story do you want to tell?

You are magnificent and will achieve great things. No one can ever tell you otherwise.

3 – Give up being unhappy with what you already have

We as humans in today’s society can often think… “I’ll be happy when I have this, or look like this, or feel this way”. But realistically, if we think like that, we will never ever be happy with what we already have because we are always reaching for something else. So stop searching and reaching for what we don’t have and be grateful and happy for what is here now. You will only ever be truly grateful and satisfied if you can appreciate what is in the present.

4 – Give up guilt 

Guilt can be one of the most painful things and feeling constant guilt will result in an unfulfilling life. It can feel like death itself. To give up guilt, breath in, take a deep breath, and let all of the past guilt picturing yourself letting it all go.

5 – Give up your negative thoughts and self- talk

Negative thoughts will not serve you anything positive. They will just fulfil your self-doubt, keep your mood feeling low and knock your confidence back rather than achieving great things. And don’t get confused with negative feelings because they can definitely be useful in the power of emotions.  Negative emotions can help us make positive actions, but negative thoughts just hold us back and keep our mind full of doubt. Just remember, there is a difference between negative thoughts and negative emotions.

6  – Give up being defensive and denial

When you carry on denying certain things, all it is doing is holding you back and when you feel held back, you are not able to make the right moves to make a change. Being able to let go of being right and accept the hard truth, it can change your life forever and for the better. It can be hard to accept the truth but once you do, it’ll be worth it in the end.

7 – Give up your envy and comparison

Being envious and comparing yourself to others, never does anyone any good. Especially when all we feel afterwards is a huge sense of self-hate, frustration and helpfulness. Being able to let go of comparison will not only help your mental wellbeing but also you will feel better physically too. Stop scrolling on social media, stop buying things to look like others and stop the intensive research to get that celebrity body. Being able to let go of comparing yourself to others, allows you to accept that every single person in the world is different and you will slowly start to be able to accept yourself for how  truly and wonderfully unique you are. You can still compare in healthy ways but you have to really know when it is helpful and when it is unhealthy and detrimental to your wellbeing.

8 – Give up your baggage 

Let go of everything that has happened in the past because it’s gone now. There is nothing that can be done so try to accept, forgive and move on. As hard as it is to do that, once you can take those first steps to move on, you will feel a whole lot better and free again. If you need professional help to do so, make your first step to visit your GP or a therapist to work through it. If it’s journaling every night and getting enough sleep and exercise then do that. Just do whatever it takes to let go of the past trauma and baggage then look forward to the future.

9 – Give up the fear of judgement 

When you start to judge someone for what you hate, you are doing it because there is a part of them that is also a part of you. So the more you judge them, the more you are eating into the part that you dislike about yourself. The next time you feel like making a judgement, stop, realise what you are doing and learn to let go. Give up your fear of judgement but not judging others and working on what you dislike about yourself.

10 – Give up unrealistic standards and perfectionism

Although you shouldn’t deliver poor work or make silly careless mistakes, you should still be giving it your all without setting unrealistic standards. Try your hardest to let go of the idea of everything being perfect. Just remember that things can be absolutely amazing without it being perfect and let’s be honest, what is perfect? There is no such thing. Who makes the decision out of 10 utterly unique things that are all amazing but only one wins the prize for being perfect?  Life isn’t perfect but it’s wonderful in its own way.  Today, let go of the idea of ‘perfectionism’.

11 – Give up excuses

If you use excuses often, they won’t get you very far. All they do is hold you back, increase anxiety and stop you from connecting and growing. The more you just go for it and say yes to the things that are beneficial, the more you will thank yourself later in life. The next time you want to make an excuse, ask yourself: “what do I fear that is stopping me do this task?”.

12 – Give up being set in stone 

Let whatever it is be. Not everything has to be setting stone and be exactly what you said it ‘has to be’. It can be very easy to think and live a life like this but realistically, it is a very restricting lifestyle. Having plans and a structure is essential to living a successful life, but knowing when to let your guard down and be more spontaneous at times is where you will really grow and develop the skills to challenge whatever comes your way. Not everything will always go to plan so having this skill for a rainy day is going to be very helpful.

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