5 Easy Ways To Talk To A Stranger

You parents might have told you not to talk to strangers – but here at BK HQ, we think it’s cool to be kind. So ditch your inhibitions and get chatting – you’ll be sure to make a friend in the process.


  1. Body language – Before you even open your mouth, nonverbal communication can often speak on your behalf. Make sure yours is warm and welcoming by maintaining eye contact as this shows interest and sparks a connection. Keep your arms relaxed and by your sides – resist the urge to fold them as this implies you’re guarded and closed off. Finally, don’t forget to smile!
  2. Pay them compliments – Like their hair? Or, perhaps it was their outfit that caught your eye? Either way, tell them! Not only will it boost their confidence and make them feel good, but this is bound to make them warm to you instantly. After this, they’ll be more open to chatting a little more.
  3. Ask open-ended questions – Keep the conversation flowing by asking the other person questions where they can really elaborate on an answer. At the supermarket? Ask them if they have ever tried this food before. On the bus? Ask them what they like most about the area. At the airport? Ask them what’s their favourite country to visit. That way the chat won’t dry up and you get a chance to really get to know the other person.
  4. Comment on current affairs – Yes, this even includes the weather! Are they as hooked as you on the latest Netflix crime drama? Did they catch last night’s football? Just make sure you keep it light. Political chats about Brexit probably aren’t the easiest conversation starter…
  5. Find common ground – Having similar interests is likely to form an instant bond with a stranger. Although that’s not to say you have to agree on everything, having mutual likes and hobbies will establish a grounds for discussion.