5 Ways To Encourage Others To Be More Eco Conscious

Join the green team and help those around you to become more eco conscious.

You’ve nailed your reduced waste food shop, set up your vegetable patch, got your keep cup and your bamboo toothbrush and try your best to tread as lightly as possible on Earth – what’s next? It’s time to get those around you into the same good, green habits and living more eco conscious lifestyles.

eco conscious

1 – Lead by example

We can all remember how it felt as a child to be nagged at, and there was inevitably a certain point where you would switch off. Instead of pestering, try and practice without the preach. Let people see you using reusable containers and cutlery, eating exciting veg dishes or recycling, but don’t shame them for their own choices. Being consistent in your actions often invites questions and starts conversation – a far more effective way to advocate a more eco conscious way of life.

2 – Share your knowledge

Whether you’re passionate about zero-waste living, cruelty-free beauty or delicious plant-based food, chances are, at one point, you didn’t know where or how to start your journey. Make it easy for others who are looking to dip their toes by sharing your favourite tips, recipes, accounts to follow or go-to brands on your social media. There are also some incredible stats out there that are truly surprising and can spur people into action.

3 – Positively reinforce

When it comes to encouraging children to form eco-friendly habits, positive feedback is essential to empower them to make better decisions. Involve your kids in eco activities, from donating toys and clothes to charity shops to planting trees. Growing your own vegetables can be incredibly rewarding for children, or even something as simple as topping a homemade pizza with garden grown herbs is a creative and bonding experience.

4 – Give green gifts

When birthdays roll around, don’t miss the opportunity to do some good. Gifting green presents such as keep cups (like these from Huski Home), reusable water bottles (like this one from Turtley Eco) or vegan wax wraps can really get the ball rolling for other’s eco journeys. A lot of people might not go out of their way to buy these items for themselves, and though they may seem a little dull, they’re useful and planet-friendly. Remember to use reusable wrapping, too!

5 – Talk to your bosses

At home you are the master of your kingdom – your recycling is in order, your freezer is stocked with leftovers and your Kilner jars are in perfect alignment. At work, however, it could be a whole other story. Talk to your bosses about making your workplace a more eco-friendly space – from buying recycled paper to organising clothes swaps or discussing carpooling. If your audience is less than receptive, make things simple and clear, such as putting signs on recycling bins in the kitchen, so there really isn’t any excuse.