5 Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Easter

We love Easter – spring is in the air, chocolate is on the menu and it’s the perfect time to get together with family and friends. Here are some easy ideas for making the long weekend as sustainable and green as possible.

  1. Choose Fairtrade and vegan chocolate – Rather than opting for mass-produced and cheap chocolate, select eggs that been sourced ethically. We recommend choosing chocolate with the Fairtrade label, as this helps to make cocoa farming in places like Ivory Coast and Ghana more sustainable by guaranteeing minimum prices and providing a premium to invest in local communities. There’s a wealth of vegan, organic and Fairtrade options out there. We love Original Beans  who have a climate positive supply chain by replenishing what they consume. Also look out for rainforest alliance certification
  2. Create an upcycled DIY basket – Easter isn’t Easter without the obligatory hunt for eggs.  But instead of using a plastic basket to keep your treasured chocolate safe, use recycled materials such as paper, fabric or even milk and juice cartons to create your own. This could be a fun project to keep little ones entertained in the run up to the big day and it’ll save unwanted items from going to waste. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.
  3. Skip the meat and cook a plant-based meal – A roast dinner centered around meat is the standard dish most people would consume on Easter Sunday. However, swapping to a vegan meal has huge benefits for the planet. In fact, converting to a plant-based diet, could save 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year! Why not try this seasonal Asparagus, Pea and Red Onion Tart . Being plant-based doesn’t mean you have to miss out on hot cross buns either, as this recipe proves!
  4. Offer food, don’t serve it – The territory of this holiday does bring a lot of food with it. Although we’re not complaining about it, this way of thinking can lead to a lot of wasted food. Combat this by offering people, before you assume they want food. A buffet is a great way to do this as then people will only take what they want.
  5. Get outside – Temperatures are set to reach the mid-twenties this weekend, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get into nature and enjoy a long walk.