7 Acts Of Kindness To Try Today

Rebecca Taylor reveals acts of kindness you can try today in a bid to spread some positivity.

Acts of kindness

Kindness costs nothing but means a lot. Sometimes we forget how easy it is to simply be nice and spread positive vibes. It can take no more than a few seconds, but can make someone’s day. Have you ever been sat on the bus, reflecting a rubbish day and an elderly lady gets on and starts talking to you – and instantly you just feel better? That’s what we’re talking about! – showing you just how easy it is to spread some love. Try the following acts of kindness today.

  1. Smile at a stranger

It is as simple as that, just smile. Smiling releases endorphins such as serotonin and are natural painkillers. Not only do these make you feel good, but they also help relax your body. Smile at someone you don’t know and pass on that positive feeling.

  1. Hold a door open for someone

Holding a door open for someone is one of the easiest acts of kindness. It doesn’t cost anything and takes no time at all. Plus, we all know how much we have appreciated someone doing the same for us when our hands are full – it works both ways!

  1. Send a thoughtful message to someone you care about

Take five minutes out of your day to reach out to a special person in your life – you never know how much this could mean to someone. Whether a text, voicemail, letter or email – the art of the written word is vastly underrated.

  1. Be a good listener

Being able to listen is such a valuable skill to encounter. It costs nothing, means a lot and can help in various ways. Sometimes people just want to talk and be heard when they are having one of those blue days. Many people find that this helps them and enables them to find a way forward. If you do anything today, make sure to listen to someone in need.

  1. Buy some chocolates or flowers to someone unexpectedly

You can show gratitude in many ways that cost nothing but for something a little more special that doesn’t cost the Earth, then a small bunch of flowers and their favourite chocolates goes a long way.

  1. Ask someone how their day is going

When we are having a bad day and we are on auto pilot doing our day job, it can be hard to separate our feelings from our workspace, which will impact not only your work but also your mood and interactions with others. If you see someone looking a bit down, ask them how they are. Not only will they appreciate you noticing them, but also it can help shift their mind from what they have been worrying about. A problem shared is a problem halved after all.

7. Do a task for someone

Offer to help them with a task to take the pressure off them. Not only will they feel so thankful, but also the job in hand will get done quicker – making you feel good for having helped someone out.

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