7 ways to be kind to a stranger

Do you ever have days where you feel on top of the world and want to pass on the happiness? But others where you just want to curl back up in bed because nothing’s going right? We all have good and bad days, and it’s important to be mindful of this. When you’re living your best life, make sure your pass on the love, by doing these simple gestures that can help to brighten the day of a stranger.

Pay a compliment
Like the skirt of a stranger? Say it. Everyone loves being complimented as it can boost our moods and make use feel confident. A simple ‘nice earrings!’ can put a smile on someone’s face for the rest of the day. Just be careful not to go overboard!

Give your seat
If someone looks as if they’re having a tough day, or they’re weighed down with bags, give them your seat. This kind gesture can help relieve the tension that a stranger may be feeling, while making their journey home a little more pleasant.

Jump the queue
At a supermarket checkout, if someone behind you has significantly less items, let them go ahead of you. There’s nothing more irritating than waiting 30 minutes in line for a loaf of bread.

Pay it forward
More food outlets are giving customers the opportunity to pay in advance for others’ meals. This is typically for people who cannot afford to buy food, such as homeless people or those who are on a very low wage. Buying someone a meal with gift them with a smile and a hot meal.

Crack a smile
How many times have you sat on a bus or a train, and wondered why everyone looks so miserable? Many of us avoid making eye-contact with other people as it can feel awkward or uncomfortable. Be the anomaly, by smiling at the girl sitting opposite you – you never know, it may make her day.

Have a chat
Instead of checking your social media feed while you order a coffee, ask the barrister how their day is. Engaging in simple conversation helps people feel valued, and will make their job less monotonous. You never know, you might even make a new friend!

Stay calm
Remember that everyone has good and bad days. We never truly know what other people are going though, so try to give the benefit of doubt if someone, a stranger or not, is a bit cranky. By letting things slide rather than making a massive scene, you’ll feel like the bigger person.