7 Ways To Protect The Future of Earth

The future of the Earth is uncertain. But one thing’s for sure – the planet needs protecting.

No one has ever been able to predict the future, but what the next decades have in store for our planet seems to be more uncertain than ever. Scientists have given us until 2050 to change our behaviours to make sure we can still look forward to a ‘tomorrow. ’ But what exactly do we need to do? Here are seven simple steps you can take to help protect the planet.

    • Go vegan

      Animal agriculture contributes to 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, which is even more than the transport sector worldwide. Although switching to a vegan diet will reduce your carbon footprint, it doesn’t have to be done overnight. Start by introducing more meat and dairy-free days to your week, and go from there. Not only does eating a plant-based diet also save the lives of innocent animals, but scientific studies have suggested that it can help improve human health, too.

    • Ditch the screens

      Have you ever wondered what will happen if we keep introducing more and more technology to our society? Granted, we’re probably not at the stage where we’re going to be overrun by robots, but the use of smartphones, tablets and gadgets are definitely on the rise. Make sure you don’t get too consumed by these technologies, by undertaking screen-free evenings or weekends, or by limiting the amount of time you spend on them each day.

    • No more single-use

      We’re all familiar with single-use products – bags, coffee cups, straws – the list is endless. As awareness continues to grow, it’s becoming easier to say ‘no’ to disposable products. Even if you are an avid recycler, investing in quality products that can be used again will help to save precious resources from being used up. It also means you’ll be producing less waste, which will more than likely sit in landfill for years to come. The future of the Earth relies on us all adopting more sustainable behaviours.

    • Reach out

      One of the best ways to safeguard our communities for the future is to look after the ones we have now. Chances are, there will be lots of organisations around your area trying to make the world a better place. This could be through helping the homeless, assisting the elderly or organising a local litter pick. Likewise, if you feel there’s something missing in your neighbourhood, be proactive and start up a group yourself. These don’t have to be time-consuming acts, it could be as simple as volunteering in your local food bank one evening a week. Every little helps after all!


  • Look after nature

    We rely on the birds and the bees to keep us alive and kicking, so make sure you show them as much love as possible. Whether this is just taking a woodland walk at the weekend to truly appreciate the flora and fauna, or if you fancy getting hands-on and planting some beautiful flowers in your garden, Mother Nature will thank you. If you want going the extra mile, get involved with a tree planting scheme – just make sure you have permission to do so first.

  • Ocean protectors

    Approximately one-quarter of CO2 produced by humans is absorbed by the oceans, and phytoplankton – a microscopic, oceanic plant – provides us with between 50-70 per cent of our oxygen. We could not survive without our seas, so do your bit by organising coastal litter picks and try to stop eating fish to make a stand against illegal, unstainable fishing that impacts marine life, and small communities around the world.

  • Pass on the knowledge

    The safety of our planet is now falling into the hands of the youth, so let’s make sure we help them as much as we can. If you have young children in your family, make sure they learn how important our planet is in a fun and interactive way. Passing on the tools and knowledge they need to save our Earth in a positive way is more likely to help them develop a passion for the environment, rather than seeing it as a chore.