we want to inspire change

Here at Be Kind magazine we want to make the world a better place. It's a scary and uncertain time, as we watch our seas fill with plastic, our bins bulge, and our air become dense with fumes and pollution. Our readers understand the problems that we, as a planet, are facing and want to help. It is vital to stay positive, and we want to encourage our readers to make small achievable changes that will have a much bigger global impact.

From cutting down on food waste, ditching single-use plastic, supporting local social enterprises or organising beach litter picks, we want to inspire change, share ideas and leave as little trace as possible. Showing a little kindness is what the world needs right now.

Our Concerns

Being kind • Living sustainably • Fighting pollution • Ethical fashion • Upcycling and DIY • Zero waste living • Treading lightly • Food waste • Future solutions • Alternative energy • Veganism • Permaculture • Grow your own • Being self-sufficient • Natural beauty • Animal welfare • Community projects • Vegan recipes • Eco artists • Advocating • Protecting the oceans

We Want To Help Readers

Create a better life for themselves and the world around them

To live and buy with purpose

Raise awareness of environmental problems and offer solutions

Subscriptions to saplings

As a business we not only recognise the importance of reducing our carbon footprint but also giving something back to the planet. That’s why we have partnered with the World Preservation Foundation to capture carbon in the most natural way, by planting trees.

For every annual subscription to Be Kind Magazine, we will plant 12 trees. (6 issue Subscription = 6 trees)  Overall the project is aiming to plant millions of trees in developing countries, such as Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique rebuilding the natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation.

Tree saplings

Stave off climate change

Help recreate healthy forest eco-systems that will preserve wildlife habitat and endangered species.

Control flooding and erosion

Help restock the soil with vital nutrients required for farming

Improve air quality

Cleanse water sources

Granting sustainable livelihoods to impoverished populations

Empowering individuals with knowledge and skills to become environmental ambassadors

Be Kind Magazine

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Be Kind Single Issue – May 20

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Our Story

Green Goals

Be Kind evolved from our passion to help change attitudes towards lifestyles that affect global warming and pollution, the largest of these being animal agriculture which accounts for over 18% of all green-house gas emissions. Taking the plunge and publishing Vegan Life, the first vegan title available on UK newsstands, we then set our targets on the other environmental issues and how we could help by providing inspiration and knowledge.

Our offices are:

  • Powered by EcoTricity

  • Heated by air source heat pumps

  • Lit by low energy LED panels.

  • Have recycling facilities

  • Kitchen waste wormery

  • 60% of Staff are Vegan ( we are working on the others)

We are also responsible for: