Acts of Kindness #5

Eloise Jones rounds up the final dose of kindness from the last working week of 2019.

This week, things are set to look up for both animals and humans alike.

From new medicines to the revival of vital marine habitats, people across the globe have been working tirelessly to shine a light of positivity wherever they can.

Here’s your three acts of kindness for this week.

New breast cancer drug approved by the World Health Organisation

A company in the Netherlands has developed a cheaper version of a drug already administered in the UK.

Herceptin, used to treat breast cancer, costs around £15,000 per patient.

Its cheaper counterpart will cost 65 per cent less than that.

This is excellent news for low-income countries where death rates from breast cancer are higher than that of the rest of the world.

As a result, this new development could see a huge drop in breast cancer related death, which is great news for women everywhere.

Lobsters and octopuses return to Kenyan coral reef

Women on Wasini Island have led an initiative to restore degraded coral.

The movement has successfully shown how marine ecosystems can be revived.

Since the restoration started, fish populations in the waters around the island have increased three times as much as in other areas.

The movement has worked to educate fisherman on sustainable fishing, which has led to the return of lobsters and octopuses.

Kenya is leading the way for coral revival in Africa with similar movements being replicated in the Seychelles and Madagascar.

The Eden Project makes progress towards geothermal energy sources

A £17M well will be dug at the Eden Project to assist movements to providing the UK with renewable energy.

A similar structure has been dug at United Downs.

Initial tests at the facility in Cornwall have indicated that the well is capable of producing the country’s first geothermal power.

When in operation, the plant has plans to supply three megawatts of electricity across the UK.

Drilling at the Eden Project will begin in summer 2020.

Also, the movement has been supported by the European Union as well as institutional investors.

Here’s to more kindness in 2020, see you next year!

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