Andrea Zara: My Daily Eco Routine

The Kiss radio DJ informs us of her eco habits for everyday life.

Throughout my life I’ve always been more of a city girl. I used to love the hustle and bustle of town, but it can often feel like you are always on the go and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Sound familiar?

Living a life of convenience has almost become a necessity with this kind of lifestyle, however as the planet gets warmer and the climate crisis becomes more apparent, the impact caused by our consumer waste can no longer be ignored. I realised the planet simply cannot afford to subsidise this kind of luxury, so at the beginning of the year I made a resolution to be mindful of my ecological footprint. With each purchase decision, I’ve begun to transition towards living a more sustainable (yet still fairly convenient) lifestyle and my daily routine goes mostly like this.

Andrea Zara tells us about her eco lifestyle

At home…

On weekdays I usually get up around 7.00am. I’ll put on a guided meditation first thing before checking my phone and answering the rest of the world (or so it feels!). A couple of deep stretches later to release any tension and it’s time for my morning shower. I’ve found one of the simplest ways to reduce packaging waste is by switching up my shampoo and body wash to soap bars. I absolutely love the ones by Beauty Kubes, they make my hair super soft and smell gorgeous! They’re also ideal for travelling, I packed a few kubes in a little tin for a weekend away recently to avoid using any of those pesky mini plastic bottles provided in the hotel room.

By 8.30am, I’m out the door and heading to work, I can’t really eat anything too heavy at that time of the morning, so most of the time I’ll just make myself a coffee and have a banana to go.  Early this year, I bought a reusable coffee cup and haven’t looked back since. I’ve used my Stojo cup more times than I can remember and I’ve found it much more convenient than the other options on the market as it’s also collapsible, which fits into my handbag nicely.

At work…

I get to the studio around 9am for a show prep meeting and then the show goes live from 10am. By the time the Kisstory hour kicks in at 11, I’m usually after a little snack or an energy boost so I reach for my little pot of trail mix and an easy peel orange, both of which i’ve brought with me from home. Up until recently, I’ve been buying nuts, berries and trail mix from a local bulk store, however I’ve just started using this amazing mobile zero-waste company called Fair Well London. It’s owned by two ladies who have re-purposed an old milk truck and turned it into a shop that sells dried foods on one side of the truck and bathroom/kitchen essentials on the other. Fabulous! It’s definitely worth looking into bulk stores in your local area, these types of shops are frequently popping up now that consumers are becoming more conscious of their purchases.

By the time the show finishes at 1pm, it’s time to get lunch and one of my biggest bugbears is single-use plastic cutlery. Even the restaurants that offer ‘compostable’ cutlery rarely provide a place to dispose of them correctly so I’ve found the simplest way is to carry my own cutlery. I’m obsessed with a set from JosephJoseph as I love its sleek design. Plus, the fact that it’s magnetic and lightweight. Again, I’m always after a combination of an essential that’s both eco AND handbag friendly!

At dinner…

In an ideal world there would be zero-waste when it comes to eating out, although I’ve found that a fast-paced urban lifestyle doesn’t always allow for that. For those times where I’m unable to eat in, or perhaps if the restaurants close by only serve packaged goods, I’ll always try to order things without a lid to reduce unnecessary waste. When it comes to wanting sauce on the side, I refuse any single-use plastic sauce pots and actually ask the restaurant staff to add a dash of sauce from their kitchen. I love the idea that every purchase decision is a ‘vote’ for the planet I want to live on and remembering this really helps me to consider my actions at the point of sale.

Over the last year I’ve definitely become more of a proactive consumer and have contacted various companies via social media or email, urging them to reduce their wasteful practices. The more we speak up, the more they’ll listen. ‘The customer is always right’ as they say!

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