As a company, we are committed to sustainability, so for every annual subscription you order, we will plant 12 trees. Together, we can do our bit to fight climate change.

We have joined the #Billiontreesayear campaign from the World Preservation Foundation. Together, we can plant one billion trees a year to offset climate change and restore healthy forest systems in regions of the world most affected by deforestation. The trees will be planted by the locals in various impoverished regions around the world providing a sustainable livelihood. It all starts with the products you choose to buy.

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Why plant trees, and why one billion trees a year?

Since 2010 the World Preservation Foundation, a not-for-profit organization has focused on undertaking scientific studies and publishing reports with the goal of developing the most effective approach to tackling climate change.


Our studies found a two-pronged approach is necessary. Firstly, a plant-based food system that replaces animal produce can feed a lot more people and limit our damage on the planet. Secondly, we must repair damage done by reforesting not only the land that we have lost due to deforestation, but the additional land becoming available as meat consumption is reduced globally.


This two-pronged approach will both minimise greenhouse gas emissions as well as sequester the emissions currently causing global warming. It is a matter of urgent necessity to plant as many trees as possible, and based on our research we need to be planting one billion trees a year in order to reverse climate change.


How is the WPF Tree Planting campaign helping save and improve lives?

  • Reduces poverty by employing locals to plant trees.
  • Restoring forests and granting sustainable livelihoods to impoverished populations in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Nepal.
  • Planting trees is the single most effective way of offsetting carbon from the atmosphere back to the soil.
  • Implementing new technologies that further support ecological repair.
  • Identifying areas in the world where environmental refugees are increasing due to desertification and develop new reforestation projects.


Benefits of replanting forests

  • Restored animal habitats.
  • Improved water quantity and quality.
  • Restoration of local rainfall patterns.
  • Flood & soil erosion stop; soil quality increases.
  • Increased crop yield.
  • Decreases poverty and improves quality of life.


How your Be Kind Magazine Subscription will benefit the planet and impoverished regions

  • Trees capture carbon from the atmosphere helping to reduce global warming
  • Reduces poverty by employing locals to plant trees in impoverished regions.
  • Restoring natural habitats, protecting against flooding and soil erosion
  • Providing people with knowledge and skills to become environmental ambassadors through education programs.

For every 12 issues (1 year) subscription to our magazine, we will plant 12 trees.