Book Review – Feeding Your Vegan Child


Times are changing as we see more and more people adopting a vegan lifestyle for health, compassion, and sustainability. Young people are among the highest uptake of veganism as they long to heal our precious Earth for theirs and future generations. Many will soon be having questions about raising their child vegan too.

Feeding Your Vegan Child by NHS dietician, Sandra Hood is packed full of everything you need to empower vegan parents, answering common questions about raising their vegan child. It is an exciting one-of-a-kind guide giving confidence and assurance that a vegan diet can not only nourish a child but allow them to thrive into adulthood.

Feeding your vegan child

Whether you are vegan and planning a pregnancy or a health professional needing further information on nutritional guidelines for a vegan infant, this is an essential practical guide which will inspire and reassure. It takes you through all the nutritional aspects from pre-conception up to early childhood and on to the teenage years following a purely plant-based diet.

The exceptionally detailed and practical advice you will find on the pages of this book include nutrition and dietary essentials, varied menu ideas, exciting yet quick recipes and stories from vegan families to highlight the benefits and potential pitfalls of adopting this way of eating. It aims to dispel the common myths surrounding the vegan diet, showing how this can provide all the key nutrients for pregnancy, breastfeeding, growth, and development. It addresses some of the typical concerns: will your child get enough energy? Enough protein? All the essential fatty acids? Enough calcium and vitamin D? As plant-based diets grow in popularity to help the environment as well as personal health, Sandra Hood’s long experience of working with thriving vegan families is more relevant than ever.

About the Author

Sandra Hood RD has a degree in dietetics from Leeds Metropolitan University and is a diabetes specialist dietitian for the NHS as well as Honorary Nutrition Advisor to the Vegan Society.

Feeding your vegan child
Feeding your vegan child

Her first book, Feeding Your Vegan Infant – with confidence, was published by the Vegan Society in 2005 and she has had articles published in magazines and contributed to many clinical publications. Sandra worked closely with Plamil Foods Ltd (the first UK soya milk company) in the 1980s to produce Infant Case Histories to prove the efficacy and benefits of a plant-based diet for infants. She has been vegan for over 40 years and enjoys running, cooking and caring for animals.


“I just finished reading this excellent book “Feeding Your Vegan Child” by Sandra Hood, a registered dietitian and a vegan for over 40 years and highly recommend it. It’s written in a well-structured manner and covers everything you need to know from the moment you decide to have a baby, throughout pregnancy and until your child is an adolescent. It’s an easy read with a short summary at the end of each chapter plus a lot of child/family-friendly recipes. The chapter with the case studies was very interesting and really encouraging. It's excellent and needs to be read by all vegan parents and parents-to-be.” – Dr Leila Dehghan-Zaklaki -

“I'm so excited to hear about the publication of this nutrition guide for feeding vegan children. This is a much needed and valuable resource for vegan parents here in the UK. I'm delighted to hear that it's been authored by NHS Dietician Sandra Hood, who I consider to be an authority and inspiration in this field.” - Dr Sharon Collins – author of ‘Bit of The Good Stuff: Over 100 easy and delicious plant-powered recipes for all the family to enjoy’.

“Feeding Your Vegan Child is a must-read for all plant-based eaters. It covers every aspect of nutrition from preconception to adolescence, with myth-busting, commonly asked questions, supplements and practical guidance. Sandra Hood is a true authority in this space but conveys the science in a friendly and accessible way throughout. I loved the heart-warming real-life accounts from vegan parents, tips on packing lunch boxes and navigating tricky social situations. I will be recommending it to all my clients planning to raise a family." - Rohini Bajekal, Nutritionist. @rohinibajekal

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