Boost Your Workplace Wellbeing

Stuck in the 9-5 rut? Boost your workplace wellbeing with these tips from Kira Mahal, PT and founder of Reset LDN.

We are in an era now, where most businesses are taking the right steps to broach wellness and bring it to life for their employees. However, we appreciate that ‘workplace wellbeing’ has a different meaning for every organisation. Whilst we recommend businesses to consult expert third party providers to craft an annual workplace wellbeing plan that is tailored to their business, there are steps that employers and employees can take today to create an office space that prioritises wellbeing. The Reset LDN team have outlined a few our favourite initiatives that take little time to implement.

Workplace wellness

Go green

Many of us sadly don’t leave the office for a break in the day, but this lack of connection to nature over time, will definitely have an adverse effect. Bringing nature into the office has been widely suggested to lead to increased productivity and reduce stress levels in the office. It helps employees feel more relaxed and many psychological studies have found that the colour green is calming. If you’re looking office plants that benefit wellbeing but are easy to look after, spider plants and peace lilies are two great options. They thrive in all kinds of environments, add serenity and can help to remove toxins from the environment.

Participate in office exercise

Many of us do not have time to go to the gym, or lack the intrinsic motivation to train at all. This is why on-site classes with an expert corporate fitness instructor is such a good idea. If you are worried about getting sweaty, more and more companies are offering low impact classes like yoga. If your not lucky enough to have this option through your company, take it upon yourself you round-up your colleagues for an after work lunchtime or a stroll in the park. Not only will it help you stay fit, doing them as team is fun and will leave you feeling motivated!

Make healthy choices

Highly processed sandwiches and jars of biscuits no longer cut it when there are so many healthy alternatives on the market. There should be an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables for snacking and to keep workers energised throughout the day but if there’s not, you need to take it upon yourself to turn healthy choices into your new favourite habit. Be smart and start by considering the effects that certain foods have on your productivity. For example, if you’ve got a big meeting in the afternoon, having big stodgy lunch probably isn’t the best choice. Instead, plan ahead and prepare a lunch that is full of brain-boosting foods such as wholegrains.

Promote fitness challenges tied to charities

Get your team together and do a charity challenge like a half marathon or Rough Runner and raise funds for one of your corporate charities.  This is a great way to get you and your colleagues to move more as well as increase employee morale. It has been proven time and time again that giving to others helps to release “feel good” chemicals in our brain and can also help give individuals a sense of higher purpose. This is also a great chance for you and your colleagues to connect, because as we’ve seen in our Reset LDN group fitness offerings, exercising together and sharing the experience helps people to form stronger relationships with one another.

Get your posture right

It’s normal for us to be spending hours each day with our backs slumped over a computer. The world of technology is great, but it’s downfall is that constantly sitting in front of a computer or bending our neck to constantly check the notifications on our phones has a detrimental effect on our posture. Poor posture can create muscle imbalances in the body, which is a result of having a weakened posterior chain from not paying attention to how we are sitting. Luckily, by doing workouts that incorporate movements that are targeted towards reducing stress in the areas of the body where we build up tension from sitting, we can begin to alleviate some of the pain associated with bad posture. Many traditional yoga poses or adapted exercises such as the cat and cow stretch or hip raises can be practiced anywhere and any time- even in the office.

Speak out

If you’re not being given the means or allowance to improve your workplace wellbeing both physically and mentally, it’s always recommended that you bring it up with your employer directly. Your employer should have a vested interest in keeping you happy and if your working environment isn’t meeting these standards, it’s up to them to make the changes and adapt to ensure a better staff morale and productivity.

The final word

Regular breaks for exercise, access to nourishing food or new incentives to boost your motivation are all simple ways in which your workplace wellbeing can be improved and your employer should always be willing to consider these!