Break up with your screen

Enjoy a digital-free evening

Let’s be honest, a Friday night with the latest rom-com – popcorn in one hand, glass of wine in the other – is as close to perfection as we can hope for. But have you ever stopped to think about how you would spend an evening without your screen? We’re not just talking about turning off the TV – we mean completely forgetting about Netflix and ditching all social media.

We’re all guilty of becoming slaves to our screens, whether we realise it or not. But because we’re all so absorbed in what our high school friends (that we haven’t spoken to in 10+ years) are doing on their weekend, we take for granted the people we choose to spend ours with. We think it’s time to put technology to one side, even if it is only for one night a month. Here are a few ways you can use your new-found freedom, after breaking up with your screen.


Girl on phone


Hang out

Spend time with friends and family, and actually enjoy their company rather than being glued to your phone. Organising a night where everyone in your group goes digital-free will give you the chance to reconnect with loved ones; it’s surprising how technology can interfere with everyday conversation.


Get lost in a book

How many books do you have sitting on your side, that you just don’t have time to read? Reducing your screen time will free you up, so you can actually sit down and enjoy a new novel. Avoiding your social media feed before bed and picking up a page-turner will also help you sleep. The light from your screen will keep you awake, whereas reading a book will lead you into a soft slumber.


Let the games begin

Instead of huddling around a TV screen, crack out some old board games. Whether you’re the queen of monopoly, or you like the tension of Jenga, they can be a lot of fun. You’ll be surprised at how quickly time will pass.


Go outside

Getting out of the house is a refreshing way to change up you evening. Get in touch with nature by going on a long walk, or treat yourself to a meal out. The time you spend on your own will be liberating, and will give you a good rest from life’s stresses.


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