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Plastic-free razors: how a UK-based start-up, Aphrodite Razors, is shaking up shaving by challenging women to think about the environmental consequences of their beauty regimen

It’s a delicate topic, but shaving — specifically, the proliferation of disposable razors — has had some dire consequences for our world. Maybe not in terms of grooming and personal appearance, but certainly when it comes to environmental impact.

In the UK alone, an estimated 13 million people used plastic-containing cartridge razors during 2018 and 2019. That’s a lot of throwaway plastic.

It got two entrepreneurs — both with a passion for sustainability issues — interested in finding a solution.

Dan Jones and Emma Bullock-Lynch first met through their work in sustainable projects in the Alps. They decided to work together to brainstorm ideas on how they could educate and inspire people to adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles.

Aphrodite Razors founders, Dan Jones and Emma Bullock-Lynch
Aphrodite Razors founders, Dan Jones and Emma Bullock-Lynch

It resulted in the creation of Aphrodite Razors, which now produces 100% plastic-free razors and blades exclusively for women and available via subscription online. The idea is simple: smoother shaves that are better for you and your skin — but also the planet too. Saving the planet one shave at a time, if you like.

“The initial idea behind the business was to understand problems that people have that can be solved in a sustainable way,” says Jones. “We were especially drawn to razors based on the statistics. Looking further into the problems people have when shaving, we noticed there was a real gap to encourage women to adopt a more sustainable shaving practice by using a safety razor — not just because it’s eco-friendly, but because they’re nicer to use and less abrasive on the skin.”

Plastic-free razors

Moreover, he adds, they’re also much more luxurious than plastic-containing razors and are better value for money. “We noticed that this brand positioning was a really nice way to introduce sustainable safety razors — and plastic-free living — to people who may not necessarily think to change their razor for environmental reasons. Ultimately, it’s a way to make this sustainable switch more attractive to an everyday user.”

The name Aphrodite Razors is based on the message of ‘beauty’ and ‘power’ — two qualities associated with the ancient Greek goddess. In the contemporary sense, ‘beauty’ refers to the beauty of the planet, and also of women and their skin, while ‘power’ relates to the real and positive impact the project can have if enough people make the switch to more sustainable products.

As well as being totally plastic-free, all of the company’s output is zero waste, with blades and packaging easily recycled. The company also plants a tree with every order made with the help of One Tree at a Time (


“We also donate £1 to the Wellbeing of Women charity for every razor sold to support women’s health research,” says Bullock-Lynch. The company is pioneering in other ways too, with longer-term ambitions for the future, she adds.

“We are the first women’s razor subscription in the UK to use no plastic at all so are not contributing to the plastic production industry. Ultimately, we want to grow the business to a point where we can physically contribute to larger plastic pollution projects, including volunteering on boat trips and ocean clean-ups.”

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