Climate Strikes 2019: 5 Things To Do If You Can’t Attend

The Global Climate Strikes will see millions take to the streets over the following week to protest.

Kicking off today, the strikes are taking place in 4,000 locations globally until the 27th September.

It is hoped this will bring international attention to the climate emergency.

It’s the latest of a succession of strikes on Fridays led by schoolchildren – but this time adults are invited to join in.

However, if you can’t make the events, you can still make a difference.

Here are five ways to practice environmental activism without the strikes.

1.Share the strikes on social media 

Never underestimate the power of the internet. The #FridaysforFuture is testament to that. Even if you can’t physically be at the strikes, you can still spread the message of it by sharing posts and encouraging others to attend. Use hashtags like #ClimateStrike or #TakeAction to ensure as many people see your posts as possible. And, even once the strikes are over, continue to share posts on climate change so you’re constantly educating people.

2.Get political 

Members of parliament are supposed to be the voice of their consistency. So, if you don’t think enough is being done – tell them. Petition and lobby your MPs to declare or act on climate emergency motions. Plus, always remember to use your vote. Support parties with eco-friendly policies and beliefs.

3.Keep learning

After all, knowledge is powerful. Equip yourself with as much information as you possibly can. That way you’re in a better position to keep making Earth-friendly choices. And, you can encourage others to follow suit. Watch documentaries. Listen to podcasts. Read books. Above all, you’re never to old to stop learning.

4.Make small changes

Little changes to your daily life will have an impact. And sometimes. behavior is the best form of activism.  Invest in a stainless steel water bottle and reusable coffee cup. Take a tote bag with you when you do your shopping, instead of buying a plastic one. Boycott plastic straws. In time, these little swaps will become second nature.

5.Be creative

There are many ways to practice activism so make use of your own talents in order to inform others. For example, if you’re a good cook you could whip up a delicious vegan meal for your meat-eating friends. Or, perhaps you prefer drama? In this case, why not put on a play with an environmental message? Play up to your passions and you can’t go wrong.