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No cruel, all craze: Culthread vegan fashion is a sustainable brand that respects the planet, people, and animals.

Be kind and cool with Culthread, a vegan fashion label that’s 100% animal cruelty free and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) approved.

If you want to wrap up warm for the winter, then you’ve come to the right place.

“At Culthread, our overriding goal is to make quality vegan coats and lifestyle products that you will want to wear and treasure forever,” says Rina Einy. “We are a slow fashion brand. This is the most important goal for sustainability: a product that will continue to be worn and loved for years and years.”

The Culthread crew believe in being kind to the planet, and the people and animals living on it. The company keeps its product footprint as low as possible, and makes every effort to care for the people who work for and buy from it — and it absolutely never uses anything that has come from an animal source.

“Unlike most fashion brands, ​you can trust what we say is the truth​ because we own our whole supply chain, this even includes our own atelier in Vietnam (transport is excluded from this but the team are working on that!). We source vegan materials, design, cut, make, trim, market and sell our products. Can you name another fashion brand who can say the same?”

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Style with functionality

Culthread was founded as an answer to some of the perennial problems in women's fashion — the lack of certain necessities (for example, pockets) in the majority of women’s garments. All Culthreads have inside and outside pockets, and hoods if they are coats. You are not obliged to carry a handbag or an umbrella when you own a Culthread!

Most Culthread jackets are made with features such as side zippers that can be opened for sitting more comfortably, and collars that can be zipped high to keep the cold out. Its bags are made with large laptop pockets as well as an array of other pockets for all kinds of ‘necessities’ like water bottles, keys, phone, gym shoes, baby bottles and masses of space for everything else. The scarves are made for incredible softness and warmth and all mitts are finger free for texting!

All women deserve some craze in their lives, so all Culthreads come with a twist, says Rina Einy. Whether it’s a gloriously-bright lining, pockets or a hood lined with the softest faux fur, or an unusual combination of textures and fabrics.

But craze does not come at a price at Culthread – all products are made to last (many look better with age), have all the practical necessities like hoods and pockets (inside and outside), and are styled to be comfortable and flattering to wear for years.

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Making fashion sustainable

Sustainability is central at Culthread too. “We all know the fashion industry is a major polluter,” says Einy. “What is less known is that some 60% of the polluting impact comes from fabric manufacturing – energy, water use, chemicals etc. We don’t have any fabric manufactured for us; Culthreads are made purely from a combination of fabrics that already exist.”

​Its creations are made from four sources of materials:

1.100% recycled polyester​ — 50% of clothing is made from polyester and Culthread uses recycled polyester, or rpet wherever possible. The fabric of choice is existing stock of 100% recycled polyester – whenever it can source this for its collections, it uses it.

2. Rescued ‘deadstock’​ — these materials are leftover fabrics from production, often owing to buffer stocks, which would otherwise end up as waste

3. Thermore Ecodown ​— having tried a number of vegan insulation and padding options for its coats, it chose Thermore Ecodown, the best 100% recycled polyester fibre down on the market. It has the highest warmth-to-weight ratio and a super-soft hand feel. Each Culthread coat is insulated with the fibre yield of around 10 post-consumer plastic bottles. Ecodown is wonderfully warm and light, much like natural down, but without the ‘cruel’.

4. Stock fabrics​ — when the company is unable to source either 100% recycled fabric or excess deadstock fabric for the collection, its sometimes uses existing stock fabrics but never has fabric specially made for it. At Culthread, over 75% of all its fabrics are from the first three categories – stock fabrics are used as a last resort.

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Women for women

Behind the scenes, Culthread is a female owned and managed brand. Its core team members are made up of the magnificent seven: Rina, Sarah, Tara, Jessy, Nhi, Lua and Susanne.

“We believe in female empowerment and want to do our bit to rebalance past gender inequities by being a female-centric brand, created for women by women. This is represented in our logo which is the Chinese symbol for woman, enclosed in a circle — the universal symbol of inclusion and timelessness.”

All culthreads are handmade at its own atelier in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The director of the facility, Jessy, has been running things there for the last two years; before that, she was employed by Hugo Boss.

“We have our own pattern makers, fabric cutters and product developers working alongside specialised tailors who make individual culthread products by hand,” adds Einy.

Many pieces are made entirely by a single craftsperson. The team is also currently training to use CLO technology, a 3D CAD application, in order to reduce overall eco footprint during the product development stage.

All of its talented tailors are fairly paid, on average three times the minimum wage. On top of this salary, they also receive 17.5% social insurance, 3% health insurance, 1% as unemployment insurance, 24/7 accident insurance and regular health check-ups.


Everyone matters

At Culthreads, everyone, and everything, matters. As a PETA-approved vegan brand, the company not only refuses natural fur but also all animal products.

“The reason we chose to be a vegan brand is that even when animal-derived products are ‘certified’ as being from cruelty-free facilities, there simply isn’t enough follow up and checks to ensure this is actually the case,” says Einy.

“It isn’t just the horrors of natural fur that are upsetting and unnecessary, but also those of natural down, wool, silk and leather. At Culthread we believe that, because beautiful and quality products that are not derived from animals are available, there is no justification for using parts of our fellow animals for apparel.”

Its products are made in small limited editions only from the best quality faux-fur, 100% recycled plastic faux-down and quality excess deadstock faux-leather.

“We love all animals at Culthread and we know how to make beautiful products without harming them.”

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