Your eco-friendly bedroom

Sleep with a clear conscience – an eco-friendly bedroom isn’t too hard to achieve

The bedroom is a comforting haven that many of us enjoy retreating to after a long, hard day. Keep yours both soothing and sustainable with these pieces of furniture, decor and bedding.

Light up

Scents have a fantastic ability to create a calming and warming atmosphere in the home, and your bedroom is no exception. However, instead of using aerosol room sprays which can emit toxic formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), opt for vegan-friendly candles as these will help you relax without any chemical nasties polluting your space. Soya, coconut and vegetable wax are all plant-based variants to look out for.

Salt of the Earth

Not just a pretty light to put on your bedside table, Himalayan salt lamps are believed to filter dust, mould and germs from the air. Better still, they emit negative ions and cancel out positive ones, which is great for your wellbeing as it’s said that these negative ions can increase energy levels and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Not to mention, Himalayan salt lamps are mostly powered by low-wattage bulbs that consume only a small amount of energy, making them better for the environment.

Snug as a rug

A rug adds a cosy touch to a bedroom, just make sure you stick to natural fibres such as organic cotton that’s GOTS-certified. Over 90 per cent of all the carpets and most machine-made rugs  are made of petroleum-based synthetic fibre, which can give out a lot of those dreaded VOCs (

Eco-friendly bedroom

Pillow talk

A pillow may seem inoffensive, but some are filled with polyester which can contain a toxic chemical called ethylene glycol. The worst part? This is most commonly known as the deadly substance in anti-freeze. Avoid this by choosing pillows made from kinder materials such as organic cotton, kapok (a natural fibre derived from a tree), or even recycled plastic bottles.

Ring the alarm

Many of us dread the sound of our alarms in the morning, so ease your way into the day with a kinder alarm clock like a light-based one. The brightness gradually becomes stronger over time, replicating a sun rise. As a result, this encourages your body to stop producing the sleep hormone, melatonin, in favour of the mood-enhancing, hormone, serotonin. Alternatively, you could also try the eco-friendly option of water-powered alarms.

Go to bed with bamboo

We spend approximately a third of our lives asleep (, so it’s worth investing in cosy bedding that’s comfortable and with the added feel-good factor of having little impact on the planet. Enter bamboo bedding – it’s a renewable and an easy-to-grow material so won’t harm the Earth.