Eco Warrior: Serena Lee

We chat to conscious living and wellness blogger, Serena Lee, ( (@imserenalee) who is also the curator of @vegansofldn 

It was around 2014, that I started becoming aware of the problems facing our environment. I came to realise how wasteful fast-fashion is, and when I turned vegan that April, learning about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment naturally followed. I’m still finding out more as time goes on – it’s daunting, but we just have to do the best we can as individuals to try and make change happen.

Conscious living is so important for the future of our planet. I read recently that we have just 12 years to avert huge climate change consequences – even to the point of human extinction. We have phones and WiFi, and so we have the resources to learn how to make small changes, and in turn bigger changes, towards living less wastefully so that we leave the planet as lightly trodden as we can for our children.

I run two Instagram platforms, as well as a conscious living and wellness blog, writing about living mindfully where body, mind, baby, planet and animals are concerned. Everything I write about is vegan, as it’s a great moral baseline, and I like to talk about products and brands that are showcasing how business can be done with the planet, people and animals in mind. Myself and my family are far from perfect – I still buy some food that comes in plastic, and I blog about my mistakes. I think it’s important to share how people can take small steps towards a mindful lifestyle, so that it’s not too overwhelming. For example, on Vegans of LDN, I’m happy to write about vegan make-up that uses synthetic ingredients and comes in plastic – because it’s kinder than alternatives that also harm animals, but I also think that bloggers advocating not wearing makeup at all is hugely important. Accessibility is key, and it can be such a deterrent to go from one extreme to the other without taking it step by step.

I think a lot of people who live very low-waste in their own lives find it difficult to see a ‘mindful’ blogger like me, ‘promoting’ food and products that come in unsustainable packaging. Vegans of LDN is a platform for sharing all things vegan, and readers are always welcome to leave constructive feedback and tag the brand in question, so that the brand themselves can directly see how their products are received – hopefully, it’ll help spark change! Other than this, feedback is generally really positive. It’s really nourishing being a part of two communities – the London vegan community, and the sustainable and mindful motherhood community. I learn so much from asking questions on social media, and I think it’s a brilliant tool for bringing like-minded people together to share ideas and advice.

It’s vital that we spread the eco-message. I love having face-to-face conversations about sustainability – we’re online way too much these days! There are so many opportunities in day-to-day life to bring up eco topics in a non-pushy way, and leading by example is a great one, when I visit restaurants, I always get comments from restaurant staff when I pack away leftovers in tiffin tins or take out my metal straw – but those are great conversation starters.

For people wanting to live more sustainably, if you spend time on social media, I’d recommend following zero and low-waste bloggers – they can be really inspirational. I’m far from zero-waste, but I’m trying to cut down. I think you only have to be one step ahead of somebody in order to be able to teach them something useful, and that’s why I give eco tips on my blog and social media channels. Going vegan is the single biggest change a person can make to reduce their carbon footprint, so a vegan lifestyle is an amazing place to start and has so many other benefits too. If I only had one piece of advice to give, it would be to start today! No one I’ve met has regretted starting their journey to a more mindful, eco-friendly lifestyle, and it might just be one of the best things you do.