Ethical Valentine’s Day Gifts

Rebecca Taylor reveals some of best ethical Valentine’s presents to gift your loved one with.

Whilst Valentine’s and other special events are brought by gifts, sometimes it can be just the sake of buying something.

Living a low-waste lifestyle means that instead of showing your love and appreciation through lavish gifts, you can opt for presents that are sustainable and last a lifetime.

Planning an ethical gift idea for someone doesn’t have to take long either with the following ideas. Plus, you will feel even better by helping the environment in the process.

A zero waste starter kit

This is a great way to introduce someone to live more sustainably and reduce their waste.


Reusable water bottle

A simple gift such as a reusable bottle can be a easy gift idea but has a huge impact on the environment. Plus, the hearts are a subtle nod to the romantic day, too.


Dried flowers

Unlike traditional shop bought flowers, dried flowers last up to 15 times longer. This jewel-toned, exotic protea bouquet accessorised with eucalyptus foliage and pretty, heathery stoebe make a beautiful lasting gift. 


An upcycled item

Why not get in the groove and get creative by upcycling a used item or piece of clothing. This will go noticed for sure as it has a personal touch. Not to mention extra points for adopting a slow fashion mindset. 

Zero-waste beauty package

Everyone needs to look after themselves through some sort of self- care, so why not put together a package such as homemade candles, bath bombs, soap or an ethically made face cleanser. Or look online and allow someone else to do the hard work for you with this pre-made set.


A home-cooked meal

Finally, for something that means a lot but doesn’t cost much; a lovely home cooked meal. This will save you money but still be as romantic as ever. And, if you do want to go the extra mile, opt for organic and Fairtrade ingredients. For some inspiration head to our recipes here.

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