Find Your True Self

Are you living life as your true self? Have you found your purpose yet?

Life coach Nicky Clinch recently spoke about truth on her Instagram – and it’s the perfect dose of inspiration.

So for advice on unraveling your true self and taking on your fears, hopes, desires and dreams – read on.


Ever since I was born, I’ve been the ‘revealer of truth’. I obviously didn’t know it at the time, but I was and I am. I could see through the BS wherever it was and I’d do what I could to bring it to the surface.
As a child it got me in serious trouble. It annoyed a lot of people in my life. I became the ‘black sheep’. I was told I was ‘too much’. The advice was to keep quiet and don’t rock the boat. And then of course I’d do the opposite.


I have since realised it was always my gift to see the truth wherever it is. What was a ‘problem’ became my gift. That’s what happens if you continue this journey. It’ll happen for you too. The truth is not always easy to see or hear or feel or know. And most of us want to hide from it first. But, it is the only way anything can honestly change. It is the only way we can truly heal. We have to see what’s real before we can change it.

And so if ever I were to gift you with gold it’s this. Where is there truth in your life that you’re not looking at? Are the holes that you’re ignoring there? What are the conversations you know you need to have but don’t? Do you have needs that you’re pretending aren’t yours?
Because it’s time to look, to speak, to feel, to heal. It’s time to honour the truth wherever it is.

My invitation to you is bring forth the truth. With courage, bravery and passion for life. Be ruthless. Don’t hold back. Take up space in this life. Because you are more magnificent then you even know.
You deserve to be heard, seen and to loved. You are already enough so what’s there to lose? Together let’s make a stand for the truth! We all need to hear a lot more truth, a lot more courage, and a lot more humanness to remind us again that we are not alone. Feeling it all and man the truth hurts.