Five Minutes With Gudrun Sjödén

Fashion brand, Gudrun Sjödén, are known for their patterned prints and ethical ethos. The UK team tells us more.

Tell us about Gudrun Sjödén

Our brand was founded by textile artist Gudrun Sjödén in 1976. The concept was simple – to create beautiful and functional clothes for colourful and green-minded women of all sizes, ages and shapes. Gudrun’s love for folklore traditions and the textile handcraft still informs every collection to this day. We love to work with natural fibres such as organic cotton and linen mixed with sustainable materials like recycled fibres and lyocell that is created out of wood pulp. Our focus on beautiful textiles, paired with our bold patterns often makes our designs stand out. Plus, fellow Gudrun fans spot each other from afar.

What are your eco credentials?

We believe that the key to sustainable fashion is to produce beautiful long wearing products that can be worn until threadbare and even repurposed. In our store we offer a vintage corner where we resell preloved Gudrun pieces from past collections. In addition to this, we host workshops to share inspiration on DIY crafts and upcycling of Gudrun fabrics. With every collection we increase the number of garments made from recycled fabrics and designs in organic cotton and linen.

What are your thoughts on fast fashion?

At Gudrun we don’t believe in the concept of short-lived trends. Our collections take inspiration from the textile materials, ancient handicraft traditions from around the globe and the beauty of the natural world. Overall, we strive to create clothes that will be worn and treasured for many years.

Tell us more about your Good Deeds project

Every year we select one project to support, often with an environmental or community building agenda. Examples of a few past actions are the support of local honey bee conservation initiatives, and the development of an irrigation system in the Indian Kutch area. We’ve also helped the conservation of biotopic diversity of old Swedish forest land.

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