5 upcycling bloggers you need to follow

In need of eco motivation? These bloggers are exactly what you need

1. Pillar Box Blue

This website combines craft and upcycling, and features weekly tutorials that you can try for yourself at home. Founder Claire is all about creating things that are unique and homemade, because of her enthusiasm for reusing and revamping old objects and materials into something more beautiful, and her blog shares this. Her projects cover items to display in the home or garden, gifts and fashion. She also covers how to use specific materials, like wood or plastic. Ranging from tin can planters to rugs made out of jeans, and varying in difficulty, there is an upcycling project for everyone on Pillar Box Blue. pillarboxblue.com

2. Upcycle That

Upcycle That offers hundreds of beautiful upcycling ideas and projects, with a mission to inspire as many people as possible. Co-founders Judy Rom and Jacques Karsten curate and create the best upcycling ventures, in the hope that their followers will reuse more of the materials they have to hand, rather than going out and buying new things. If you’re a complete novice, Upcycle That will teach you a lot about the wonders of upcycling, and if you want to have a go yourself, you can browse projects by materials or creation. upcyclethat.com /@upcyclethat

3. My Repurposed Life

Gail Wilson is the creative and published author behind My Repurposed Life. She is obsessed with finding potential in unexpected places and believes that ‘with a little hard work and imagination, any old thing can be useful again’. Back in 2009, Gail began repurposing salvaged material because she lost her job, and the projects quickly brought new purpose to her life. Since then, she’s written a successful book, and completed countless inventive projects – from transforming a pillar candle and pot lid into a bird bath, to remodelling her daughter’s old desk into a custom kitchen island. Gail is always on the lookout for castaways to bring back to life. myrepurposedlife.com

4. Crafting a Green World

This blog is a hub for eco-friendly crafts. It features hundreds of creative projects and tips on reducing, reusing, and redecorating. Crafting a Green World’s easy-to-follow tutorials show you how to make your own things for the garden and home. There are also novelty and stunning decorations for events like weddings and children’s birthdays. The website features excellent hacks on how to save old things from going to landfill, by showing you how reuse anything, from CD cases to food containers. craftingagreenworld.com

5. A Pair and A Spare

Founded by designer and craft lover Geneva Vanderzeil, A Pair & A Spare was created in 2010, as a site for stylish DIYs and how-to tutorials. Within a year it was named one of the top 50 Fashion and Lifestyle blogs by The Times UK. Geneva has since gone on to publish a book based on her love of DIY. The website shows you how to make everything yourself, from clothes to ornaments for your bedroom. She also shares recipes, interviews, DIY lifestyle hacks and tutorials to encourage people how to do their own crafts. apairandasparediy.com/@apairandaspare