Make your own festive décor

Give your Christmas decorations an eco-twist


The high street is brimming with festive plastic decorations, and it might seem impossible to avoid the scourge of this material. With these easy recycling tips you can make your own decorations and repurpose items you’ll find around the house. Cut down your waste and dress your tree in sustainable style.


Natural decorations

Get rid of the plastic and make gorgeous decorations, that can be disposed of, without harming the environment. Next time you’re on a woodland walk, pick up some pine cones and pop them in a warm, dry place when you get home. Invest in some biodegradable glitter and

Eco-friendly glue and add some sparkle to your cones. If you find enough of them, you could make a rustic wreath to proudly display on your front door. Citrus fruits that are slightly past their best can be used for decorations too — dehydrate them and hang on a garland or on the tree, and simply pop them in the compost when you take the decorations down.


Recycled fabric tree hangers

If you’ve cleared out your wardrobe or got some clothes that are a bit tatty, why not use them to stitch up some new tree decorations? Use a festive cookie cutter to outline your chosen shape, and cut two identical pieces. Pin the material together, pattern side in, stitch around the edge leaving a small gap and turn inside out. Use some pillow stuffing, tissue or scraps of material to fill the decoration, and stitch up the gap. Sew a small piece of ribbon to the top so you can hang it to your tree. If you’ve got lots of leftover material, you could make a bespoke, recycled garland in the same way.


Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are one of the easiest things to reuse from the festive season. Cut an old card in half so you have the decorated side left, and either keep the whole piece, or cut out individual elements from it, and make new cards or present tags for next year. There’s an abundance of inspirational crafts on Pinterest if you want to make the most of all of your Christmas cards, from garlands to baubles.


Jar snowglobes

Glass jars, and their metal lids can be recycled, but why not use them to make a snowglobe instead? Invest in some strong, eco-friendly glue to adhere the figurine to the lid. Then, fill the jar with water, glycerine, and your chosen eco-glitter or snow alternative. Then, screw the lid to the jar with glue on the inside rim. Let it dry, then shake and watch the snow fall!


Tin tealight holders

Winter is the season to get cosied up and keep out of the cold, and some ambient lighting gives the perfect seasonal feel to a room — using leftover tin cans is a great way to achieve this. Simply clean the tins, remove the labels and using a marker pen, dot the shape of your design onto the tin. Use a small drill bit to push through each dot, pop in a tealight and see your design. Make sure that you file down any sharp bits that there might be left.