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Introducing PaperTale: bringing supply chain transparency to the products we buy

Introducing PaperTale, a company with an innovative blockchain solution that might just make the world a better place. Its clever technology can bring total transparency to previously-murky global supply chains.

To prove it, it’s created a set of tee shirts you can buy where you can test the technology for yourself. Simply scan a tag on the garment and show those who dare to question your kindness credentials the full supply chain footprint, from eco impact to the payment of fair wages.

It’s a brilliant way of holding brands to account on their promises.

We all hear horror stories in the news regarding the unethical treatment of workers and how brands are the reason for the acceleration of climate change — and then all of a sudden the next news article is claiming that same brand is now the most sustainable and ethical brand…huh?


How can we know what is true and what is just a pack of lies intended to greenwash us back into purchasing their products?

It is time to reverse the system, say the folks at PaperTale. Instead of letting the marketing departments of big brands dictate how things are — because we all know that they can spout rainbows and fairies — why not let the facts do the talking?

Thankfully, that is exactly what PaperTale’s blockchain technology enables.


So, what is PaperTale?

Here’s how it works.

PaperTale offers a solution to both consumers and to brands. For the consumer, it can help to highlight all the key kindness facts when making a buying decision; for brands, it’s ideal for those who are genuinely carrying out ethical and sustainable work practices, but can’t distinguish themselves in a market full of fake claims.

“This technology solution is therefore designed to be implemented in the supply chains of all our favourite brands, so we can see everything about the products they produce,” says Bilal, the CEO.

It’s a leap forward for transparency in a business world that doesn’t always do what it says it will do.

The idea is centred around a cool app and a tag that can be fitted to products. Each item that is made in a ‘PaperTaled’ supply chain bears the ‘PaperTale smart tag’ — a small NFC tag that can be scanned by any smartphone. (Don’t worry, it’s fully secure: the tag cannot be traced as it is only activated for a very brief moment when you scan it, just to enable the information to be read.)


Blockchain technology

So what information is stored on the PaperTale tag?

"Well, the PaperTale technology is built around blockchain, which is essentially a public record of a sequence of transactions. Given that a supply chain involves many transactions from the raw material to the finished product shipped to you, in short you can see everything in the supply chain for that product." says Bilal.

“Each tag has a unique blockchain ID and this means that when you scan it, you can see not only the full product journey of that exact product, broken down into each individual stage, but also whether each transaction was verified and who it was verified by.”

This can all be seen on the PaperTale app which can be easily downloaded on any smartphone.

If you think that’s cool, then you’ll be glad to hear that’s just one part of the solution.

In fact, this technology can also enable you to see whether the great craftsmen behind that product have been paid lawfully by the brand, as well as the real-time environmental impact.

Truth and lies

"You also have the option to compensate the impact, both environmentally and socially, which for the PaperTale program sees sending kids to school and planting trees"— and details of any transactions surrounding this can also be seen on the PaperTale app,” adds Bilal.

“This means that you can decide yourself whether brands are living up to their promise of ‘planting millions of trees’ and ‘helping uneducated women’ or whether their marketing departments have got carried away again!”


You may be left thinking that it sounds too good to be true and this is the exact reason that PaperTale created it's own product — the new tee shirts — for people to see the technology working in real life.

The tee shirt collection is made of different prints and colours and all featuring the PaperTale technology. The firm hopes that this will act as proof to both consumers and to well-known brands that it is possible to empower the public with the truth and drive real change.

Buy the tee shirt

Take a peek at the tee shirt range here:

Or see for yourself how the PaperTale technology really works:

Now you know what to do when someone questions your ethical integrity…just scan the tag and show them that you’re fully committed to helping people and planet with every purchasing decision you make.

Find the trail at PaperTale: