Help lonely elderly people in your community

Take time to give back to the ageing community

Many of us have a soft spot for elderly people. Whether it’s our own grandparents, or just a sweet old lady pottering around the shop, we often want to do more to help the older generation, but it can be tricky to know where to start. We’ve listed a few small acts of kindness that can go a long way.


Match make

If you know two lonely elderly people, put them in contact with one another. This can easily extend to a weekly meet-up which will help to reduce loneliness and form friendships.


Have a spare seat?

There’s always room for one more, so invite Mr Smith from down the road to dinner. He’ll jump at the opportunity to ditch his solo TV dinner to sit around a table full of friendly faces.


Get chatting

Some elderly people can get very lonely and may only see others when they’re doing their weekly shop. A brief conversation, carrying heavy bags, or just reaching for something on the top shelf can brighten someone’s day.

shopping old and young person

Call in

If you’re running short on time but are passing by a neighbours door, a quick ‘hi’ can show you care. This could be as simple as calling through the letterbox, or having a brief chat to check they’re okay.


Have a cuppa

When you have an hour or so spare, visit an elderly person’s neighbours house for a chat and a tea. It can be surprising how forming a bond like this can help both people, and how easy it is to become friends.


Aim big

If you want to make a larger impact, seek help from organisations such as Age UK. They have plenty of ideas and guidance on how you can get involved with lonely elderly people.

Be Kind with old people