How Climate Change Could Affect Our Favourite Holiday Destinations

Climate change is a constant topic of conversation.

And sadly it’s our natural world that will suffer because of this.

The Solar Centre have put together a visual representation of how our favourite holiday destinations could look as a result.

Each picture has been put created with Photoshop and is backed by climate change studies.

Lake District



A popular holiday destination and famous for the mountain views and lakes. However, research has shown that the Lake District is at threat from climate change with many changes likely to occur.

Species are likely to decline including the mountain butterfly, with this there will be an increase in pygmyweeds and Japanese knotweeds – not the type of plants you want in your back garden.

Heavy rainfall will cause erosion to the ground, footbridges and footpaths. As a result, this will increasedirt in the lakes.

In the summer months, lake levels will also fall drastically- causing picturesque views to diminish.

Great Barrier Reef



The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest coral reef system located off the coast of Australia. A home to snorkelers, divers but most importantly – fish and other marine life. Climate change is already having a huge impact on the Great Barrier Reef with reports suggesting as much of half the great barrier reef is dead.

Rising sea temperatures are the main reason behind this, causing coral bleaching and ultimately killing the coral. And this is likely to increase and soon there could be zero marine life living in one of Australia’s world heritage sites.




Venice – known as the floating city but soon this could be the sinking city. The city is at constant threat from flooding due to it’s low lying foundations. Anytime there is heavy rain, seawater is pushed into the city. A vulnerable city which could soon lay partially underwater.