How To Be Kind To Yourself This Autumn

Autumn is about to fall into our laps, so let’s prep our bodies and minds for the season ahead.

Mays Al-Ali from Healthy Mays tells us how to stay happy and healthy this autumn.

“Autumn is one of my favourite seasons,” she says. “Not only is it the season of harvest but it’s also a time of transition. With evidence of change starting to happen all around us – this change in season offers us the opportunity to do the same.”

Here are her tips for feeling good, despite the drop in temperature.

Stock up

…on supplements, fresh local and organic produce and plenty of filtered water. Our bodies react differently as the weather gets cooler so make sure to stay on top of seasonal bugs and viruses. Supplement with Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D to increase your mood and boost your immunity and include fibre-packed, potassium-rich produce [beets, apples and sweet potatoes] into your diet.

Clear out

It’s not just spring that needs a good clean. Start the season as you mean to go on by clearing out your cupboards, your closet and your mind. This will give you the opportunity to start fresh as the months go on. Autumn is a time of harvest, and just as we may harvest the real things planted in our gardens it’s also important to harvest your efforts and intentions for your life path you may have set earlier in the year and just check in with them to make sure they are all aligned.

Breathe deep

Autumn is the Earth’s way of telling us to start slowing down, so take some time for yourself as this cycle starts forming. Your brain is at its best first thing in the morning, so try meditating as you wake up. Breathe in deeply for four, hold for three and let go for six and repeat for as many times as you feel necessary. Just remember to do so with intention and presence with each breath allowing the ribcage to expand and the chest to rise and fall.

Sleep well

As Summer fades, so does the sunlight – which can throw our body clocks out of whack. Try and keep the same routine you had throughout the previous season even if the light is different. Go to bed at the same time each night, ideally around 10 pm and try and get 7-8 hours sleep each night. Turn all electronic devices off at least two hours before bed and follow the same general routine each night to ease into a deep and meaningful sleep.

Motivate yourself

Now that Summer is out of the way, the carefree season of enjoying life, it’s time to get serious. Autumn can be seen as a time of getting down to business and planning for the long winter months ahead. This presents us with the perfect opportunity to reassess our life and find the best ways to reach our goals. Focus on what you want and then set in place some small and clear steps on how to achieve it, in bite-size manageable pieces.