How you can help to recycle pet food packets

There’s a solution to sending pet food pouches to landfill


We adore our companion animals, and as a nation we spend billions looking after them. But, there’s an unfortunate catch – this also means that we send a lot of empty pet food pouches to landfill.


Pet food packets are not widely recycled because they contain more than one material, which makes them almost impossible to take to local household recycling plants.


But Mars Petcare and TerraCycle have created a resolution to this problem. You can now drop off your animal food packaging at their designated public locations, or even free post them to be sorted, cleaned, shredded, and transformed into plastic pellets.


In the future, these pellets could be converted into furniture and fence posts. This is however, only a short term solution, and Mars Petcare are working to make all their packaging recyclable by 2025.


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