Hubbub plastic fishing – organise your own trip

Sick of seeing rubbish in your local waters? Here’s how you can help


If you live or work near a river, you’ll most likely have noticed plastic waste bobbing along in the water. This rubbish has two futures – to be washed up on riverbanks, making an eyesore of our local areas and harming wildlife, or, it’s carried off into the ocean, taking the danger with it.

A staggering 80 per cent of plastic found in the sea begins on land, heading down rivers and canals before ending up in the open water – in London alone,  300 tonnes of rubbish is cleared from the Thames each year.

Picking-plastic-bottles from the riverside


What can we do to fight plastic pollution?

If you are lucky enough to have your own kayak or boat, get a litter-grabber or net, head out onto your local river with your friends, and go looking for rubbish to pull out. Not only will it be a chance to clean up your local area and help out wildlife, but it’ll be a chance to have some fun, too.

Not many of us have our own boats, but not to worry, Hubbub can help you accomplish your anti-plastic mission. If you live in London, you can contact the environmental charity to arrange your own trips.

Over the last year, Hubbub’s plastic fishing experience has gone from strength to strength. The first boat, Poly-Mer, has taken over 1,000 people plastic fishing around London’s Docklands, collecting over 1,250 plastic bottles, and creating almost £10,000 in donations for nearby Canary Wharf College, who had the idea for their boats to be made out of 99 per cent upcycled plastic waste.

A second boat, The PET Project, was launched in Richmond in September 2018, providing even more opportunities to rid our capital of rubbish.

Childs-fishing-net fishing for plastic


Plastic fishing for schools, businesses, and communities

With support from City Bridge Trust, Hubbub are able to provide free plastic fishing excursions for primary schools located in the London Boroughs. As part of the scheme, they’ve also created an education kit, which is freely available for UK schools to download. They’ve even had support from the Starbucks 5p coffee cup charge, which has enabled them to recycle even more plastic bottles into the PET Project.



Throughout 2019, Hubbub will be touring a plastic fishing boat around the UK, visiting towns and cities that will benefit from the scheme. Hubbub hope that the tour will raise eco-awareness, engage schoolchildren in environmental issues, and generate revenue for community projects.

At the end of the tour, one of these locations will win the boat, enabling the winning group to offer plastic fishing trips indefinitely.

As well as helping schools, Hubbub plastic fishing trips can be arranged for businesses, making for unique team-building and corporate volunteering opportunities, bringing attention to plastic and marine pollution issues.