Janisa eco-concept store

New eco-conscious online store, Janisa, is changing the way we shop

Online eco-concept store Janisa (ja-nisa.com) wants to change the way we shop — for good.

It brings together eco-responsible and ethical designer brands so that whatever you buy, whenever you buy, you’ll be supporting good companies, good causes and good people every step of the way.

At the heart of it all is an underlying belief in our planet and its people.

Through our everyday purchasing decisions, Janisa’s belief is that we can not only show our support for the environment, but also in improving the lives of the billions of human beings who inhabit it.

It’s built around concepts like ‘intelligent consumption’ that centre on long-term sustainability.

That includes a move away from ‘fast fashion’ trends prevalent in recent decades, towards a more sustainable, alternative, ‘slow fashion’.

“Our fight is to educate people by demonstrating that it is possible to consume intelligently with products that are part of an eco-responsible approach,” the company proudly states.

eco-concept store

Great things 

It’s a big task, but Janisa draws strength from its name— derived from a girl's name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’.

“Janisa is a woman with superpowers who is multitasking…able to combine her private and professional life, she is dedicated to changing the world,” the company explains on its website.

“By being eco-responsible, and by coming together, and doing a little bit each, we will achieve this goal all together.”

And great things are available right now on the eco-store’s website.

eco-concept store
eco-concept store

The Janisa online eco-concept store includes pretty much all you need to get by in life, searchable by product category — everything from ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and make up to lifestyle, art, decoration and even a delicatessen.

All the products it offers online are either beautiful or useful (even edible!), plus all sales are making a real difference to whole communities, livelihoods, and nurturing that crucial push towards a more sustainable world.

eco-concept store
eco-concept store

Strength in numbers

What’s great it that all of Janisa’s products come from like-minded companies, firms that are equally keen to champion both people and planet.

“The brands with which we collaborate are anxious to limit their ecological impact,” the company adds.

“They minimise waste in their production chain. Through autonomous projects, they are also creating social impact in workshops by training women and men in specific trades. Around this humanist base, some of our brands have built concrete social projects to contribute to the reconstruction and development of certain countries.”

Many promote local craftsmanship and make a key difference in the lives of people helping to retain this traditional know-how from generation to generation.

eco-concept store
eco-concept store

Plus there is also direct support for charity.

Janisa pays 10% of its turnover to the association Coeur de Gazelles (coeurdegazelles.org), a charity formed in 2001, that supports vital work in the fields of health, the environment, professional reintegration and education.

Shop kind, be kind…it’s the Janisa way.

Visit the Janisa eco-shop now: ja-nisa.com

eco-concept store