Rainforest Alliance certification

The new Rainforest Alliance certification initiative unveiled this week will benefit over two million farmers worldwide and help consumers to make more informed choices at the supermarket says the group.

Major corporations will rely on the new standards — which will replace existing certification methods next year — to source a steady supply of certified ingredients, such as cocoa for chocolate, as well as meet their commitment to responsible business and address rising consumer expectations for more sustainable products.

The new programme includes more robust standards that will ultimately help farmers produce better crops, adapt to climate change and cut costs, says Ruth Rennie, director of standards and assurance at the Rainforest Alliance.
“These…will support more resilient agriculture and help make responsible business the new normal. This is increasingly urgent in our age of climate change, biodiversity loss, and global inequality.”

The international non-profit group also released a new seal in May for use on packaging and promotional materials that offers a simple visual guide showing consumers how to make better choices at the checkout.
The new certification programme is designed to boost transparency and collaboration all along the supply chain, said Alex Morgan, chief markets officer at the Rainforest Alliance.

“Only together can we restore the balance between people and nature and create a world where we thrive together.”