Responsible Travel: Brits Eco-Friendly Holiday Habits Revealed

Brits have intentions to be responsible with their travel this summer.

Research from revealed that the majority of British holiday-makers care about being eco-friendly when traveling.

Instead of hiring a private car, 78 per cent of Brits will seek to walk, bike or use public transport to explore their holiday destination.

In doing so, they’re avoiding the carbon emissions they would create from taking the alternative option of car rental.

Thereafter, 75 per cent are going to take re-usable bags with them. This will eliminate the need for single-use plastic carrier bags offered to them when shopping.

The findings also revealed that 71 per cent Brits  have a strong desire to pack as light as possible. This is a great example of responsible travel as it has an indirect positive effect on their flight as the plane weighs less resulting in increased fuel-efficiency.

Whilst at their hotels, 66 per cent state they will make a conscious effort to turn off the TV, lights, and air conditioning when not present in their room.

Furthermore, Taxi2Airport sought to find out the ways in which Brits think hotels can become eco-friendlier.

Fascinatingly, 67 per cent believe hotels should take the initiative to include recycling bins in rooms. As a result, guests will be able to dispose of their rubbish correctly.

Furthermore, 31 per cent would be satisfied paying more for food knowing the ingredients have been sourced locally.

Whilst, 48 per cent have no issue if hotels were to replace towels less frequently than doing so on a daily basis.

Overall,  76 per cent of holidaymakers feel hotels could play a bigger role in being greener and promoting responsible travel.