Sainsbury’s to get rid of plastic bags for loose food items

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has joined in on the war against waste by pledging to ditch plastic bags for loose fruit, veg, and bakery items.

Instead, paper bags will be provided to keep your baked goods fresh.

For loose fruit and veg, you’ll have to either bring your own bags or buy a reusable one made from recycled materials.

The changes are going to be in place from September this year.

It will see Sainsbury’s become the country’s first supermarket to ditch these plastic bags.

By doing so, Sainsbury’s expect that this will remove 489 tonnes worth of waste.

And the good news doesn’t stop there as the supermarket will also remove cutlery, trays, lids and sleeves from various food packaging that are also made from the dreaded p-word.

Plus, by March 2020 Sainsbury’s has also pledged to end the use of dark coloured plastic entirely – which are notoriously difficult to recycle.

Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe said: “We are absolutely committed to reducing unnecessary plastic packaging in Sainsbury’s stores.

Our customers expect us to be leading the way on major issues. I am determined to remove and replace plastic packaging where we can and offer alternatives.”