Six Steps to Conscious Living In 2020

Rachel Hugh, co-founder of The Vurger Co explains easy ways to be conscious and leave little impact.

‘Conscious living’ has been a bit of a buzzword (phrase) recently – but what does it even mean?!

Let’s break down the basics!

Beginning to live consciously is essentially the process of becoming more aware of yourself, learning to listen to what your mind and body need and making more informed and considered decisions in your daily life based around these factors.

If we can be more aware of all of these different needs and wants we have, and make it a practice to focus on these things each day,  then we are likely to feel much more fulfilled and also have a greater sense of happiness in our day to day lives.

Here’s six steps to get you going:

1.Practice meditation or yoga

The first step in living consciously is learning to be alone with yourself and your thoughts and finding stillness in your mind. Once we’ve got that bit down is when we can really start getting into the juicy bits. Meditation and yoga are a great way to practice daily focus, inner calm and clear thinking. Don’t be scared, meditation doesn’t have to be anything more than sitting still on the end of your bed and tuning in to your thoughts and your breath if you don’t want it to be.

Sign up to a yoga class, find a yoga video online, or download a meditation app. Set aside 5 minutes to an hour of your time tomorrow (morning or evening works best) to try them out.

2. Get to know yourself

Now that you’ve got the focus bit down, take some time to think about what you want most from life. Think about what things make you happy and what doesn’t. About how you work best and also what doesn’t work for you. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? This is such a huge and important step towards conscious living and allows us to set things to work towards and generally be more honest, patient and forgiving with ourselves.

Write down a list of things you want most and also the things that make you happy. When you’re feeling unfulfilled, demotivated or sad, come back to this list for inspiration!

3.Accept yourself

For so many of us, loving and accepting ourselves can seem like the hardest thing in the world to do. And guys, it’s okay not to love yourselves straight away! But you can learn to accept and be content and truthful with who you are, as you are. This is going to help you make decisions based on how you are right now and what’s best for YOU, instead of making decisions based on the way you wished you were because society told you that’s how you should be. Striving to conform to someone else’s idea of perfect is the biggest barrier in self growth and living consciously and honestly. Basically, being unhappy with yourself is a really rubbish place to get stuck- but we can start to shift the focus on the good things bit by bit by introducing a regular and conscious self appreciation practice.

4.Try to spend your time wisely

We spend so much time these days on our phones or procrastinating, we often forget to make space for all the cool things that we love to do. Try to focus on getting something out of everyday- from doing things you enjoy, finishing things that move you closer to where you want to be, developing a skill or even just spending time resetting, switching off and caring for yourself. What have you done today that you can feel good about?! We took some time to read a book for the first time since being on holiday!

Check your phone to see how many hours of screen time you’ve had this week. Scary, isn’t it? We challenge you to make a conscious effort to spend less time on your phone. Because less time spent browsing means more time spent living consciously.

5. Learn to be grateful

Learning to be grateful is probably the single greatest tool when shifting towards a more positive, happy and fulfilled mindset. Start thinking about how much you are grateful for. Write it down! Make it a daily ritual. This tunes your mind to a positive mindset, helps to re- frame bad situations and allows you to be in the day to day and truly appreciate the small things. We are feeling the positive vibes already!

6. Learn to make more conscious decisions

Now that you’ve done some soul searching it’s time to realise what’s important to you and what values you want to live by. You are now armed to make decisions based on these principles! What impacts you and what impacts others? What is our impact on the planet and what can you do everyday to be more conscious about this? This is deep stuff, man!