How To Make A Self-Care Kit

Rebecca Taylor reveals the steps to follow in order to create your own box of self-care treats.

We all need a little bit of self-care and its important that we prioritise some me-time and look after ourselves not only from the outside but the inside, too. By making your own box, it’s not only tailored to your unique tastes but also provides you with a way to get creative and unwind in the process.

Step one

The first thing to get started on when making a self- care kit is knowing why exactly you’re making it and your needs. Is it because you get overwhelmed or triggered or need be feel soothed at times? Is it a place to go when you feel angry or sad? Or is it just a box to help encourage you to take a short space of time out of your day to slow down and listen to your mind and body. Find your reason and this will help determine when to use your box and what exactly to put in it.

Step two

Grab a box and make it as pretty as you like. Decorate it, use your favourite colours, add ribbon and other art accessories. Make it you.

Step three

The next step is to get straight into it and put together some items for your self-care kit. This will be very individual to everyone, but it is important to personalise it to yourself to get the most out of your self-care box. If it doesn’t align with who you are and what your needs are, it won’t be used much and wont benefit you.

Here are a diverse range of ideas you can put into your box.

For a soothing box:

  • Fluffy socks
  • A comforting soft toy
  • Your favourite sweets or chocolate
  • Herbal teas – especially a calming one such as camomile
  • A soothing scent which could be essential oils, roller balls, incense or a candle. Some relaxing and calming scents include; lavender, camomile, clary sage, jasmine, rosemary and valerian.
  • A lavender heat pad
  • Your favourite uplifting DVD or CD
  • Something that gives you luck such as lucky charms, a special object, crystals or something that has been passed down to you that gives you luck.

For an escapism box:

  • Your favourite book
  • A game
  • An adult colouring or activity book
  • Sensory toys: such as fidget spinners, puzzles, squishy balls, powdered ‘moody face ball’, Rubik’s cube.

For a mood-boosting box:

  • A mantra book
  • A list of quotes
  • A vision board
  • A list of your biggest achievements and goals
  • A journal for bulleting, self- care and gratitude

Step four

Keep your kit somewhere safe, easy to find and somewhere to be reminded of it. This could be under your bed, on a shelf or neatly tucked away somewhere you’ll never forget or isn’t hard to reach.

Step five

Practise self-care regularly – this could be once a day, a few times a week or every weekend.

Alternatively, if you aren’t feeling creative you can always opt for subscription boxes. There are quite a range of self-care subscription boxes out there now, but a few really positive ones include: ‘The Buddy Box by The Blurt Foundation’, ‘The Box of’ which do a range of boxes for different needs, or the ‘Pause box by The Mind Charity’, where all the donations go to Mind, the mental health charity.

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