Sustainable sneakers to save our planet

Oceana by Ocean Refresh

Sustainable sneakers to save our planet

Oceana sneakers: The first sustainable sneakers you’ll actually want to wear

Introducing Oceana Sneakers: the first eco-friendly sneakers that don’t substitute style for sustainability.

Made from 100% recycled plastic (they’re actually created from recycled ocean waste such as plastic bottles and ghost nets cleared from the seas), the sneakers are breathable, durable and fast drying. They’re also vegan, ethically sourced and organic.

Plus they look pretty fab too: styled from revolutionary materials such as vegan-woven polyester thread with an airmesh lining made from recycled P.E.T and corn fibre, they carry the Global Recycling Standard certification.


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Recycled rubber soles, organic cotton laces, an insole padding made from recycled cork and foam, and then assembled with water-based glues.

Ocean Refresh

The company behind it, a small start-up called Ocean Refresh (, partners with charities in the UK and Brazil to help reduce plastic pollution across the globe. It wants to remove 2 million plastic bottles from the ocean by 2021 and has already released its first flip-flops and sliders onto the market.

It was founded in 2019 by Bernardo Pedroso, the son of one of Brazil’s first female surfers. With a childhood spent playing in the seas of Brazil’s iconic Itúana beach, the ocean was part of his everyday life.

Oceana Bernado

“We have big ambitions and a clear purpose — to rid our oceans of plastic,” says Pedroso. “With the current state of our global environment, we are committed to doing our bit to save marine life. Small decisions like choosing an eco-friendly product or saying no to single-use plastic makes a huge difference for the future and our planet. That’s why we created Oceana sustainable sneakers.”

Sustainable footwear

So, what makes the new sneakers so different?

“The fabric used to create our sneakers is crafted from recycled ghost nets,” he says. “Our oceans are haunted by ghost nets, fishing nets and equipment abandoned and left by fishermen. These nets continue to float in the ocean’s currents, entangling marine wildlife, damaging reefs, invisibly and silently killing.”

It’s a massive problem. It is estimated that over 100,000 marine animals such as turtles, dolphins, seals and whales, die each year from ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic debris.

And, more than 260 animal species worldwide have become entangled in or consumed fishing line, nets, ropes and other discarded equipment.


“We take these discarded nets and other ocean plastics and turn them into beautiful, sustainable, luxury footwear.”

If you want sustainable style, then you know where to look for your sneakers — Ocean Refresh.

Kickstarter campaign

To launch the sneakers on Kickstarter and help fund initial production, Ocean Refresh is crowdfunding to raise £14,588 in 20 days — starting 15 October 2020. You can play a part in making it happen!

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