Tesco Pledges To Ditch Brands That Use Excessive Plastic

Britain’s largest supermarket chain, Tesco, has has pledged to ditch brands which use excessive plastic packaging.

Dave Lewis, chief executive of Tesco said they: “reserve the right not to list” products with too much non-recyclable packaging.

As a result, from next year, the store will assess packaging as part of its ‘ranging decisions’.

Lewis said: We can’t overlook the fact that for too long, packaging on consumer goods has been excessive.

“We have all looked at the settled contents of a cereal packet and puzzled over the comparative size of the bag and box.

“Or opened a bag of crisps and wondered why the packaging is twice the size of the contents.”

Plus, earlier this year the supermarket also promised to eliminate black plastic from their products.

Black plastic has a notorious reputation for being hard to recycle. This is because it takes a long while to break down.

In addition, Lewis revealed that scrapping the plastic used to package tins in multipacks alone would save 490 tonnes of plastic a year.

While the supermarket has been criticised previously for their packaging, it’s certainly a move in the right direction.

Do your bit to reduce plastic waste

Think twice before you throw these products in the recycling bin

Bottle lids

The caps of bottles are often made from different plastic to the body, which means they usually can’t be recycled.

Fruit and vegetable packaging

This soft wrap usually can’t be recycled, although in some cases, it can be recycled with plastic bags in supermarkets. It’s best to look out for labelling on the back which will usually give information.

Coffee cups

Although these look like paper, they’re lined with plastic which means they won’t be recycled by most facilities. To avoid these, purchase a reusable cup.

Plastic bags

These can’t typically be recycled in household waste, but they are often collected for recycling at supermarkets.

Baby or pet food pouches

These packages feel like they should be recyclable but are unfortunately they cannot be commonly recycled and should be sent to landfill.

Crisp packets

Although these look like foil which can usually be recycled, they can’t be recycled with your household waste.