The eTHikel way – eco-friendly products!

Introducing eTHikel: a new eco-friendly product marketplace, helping customers make lifestyle choices that won’t cost the planet

eTHikel is a new environmentally-conscious retail destination online, selling everything from clothing and jewellery to food and furniture.

The aim of this plush eco-friendly marketplace is to help customers make lifestyle choices that won’t cost the planet, says its founder, Amerjit Briah, who left a successful career as a fintech lawyer to do her bit to help change shopping habits.

For Briah, it’s a real passion project driven by a commitment to bring about positive change.

“We select goods that are of high quality from sellers who share our pro-Earth values,” she tells Be Kind. “We’re bringing a luxury department store experience to an online platform, creating a beautiful hub for our ethical customers.”

If you’re interested in supporting clean, green, ethical companies through your everyday purchasing decisions then you might want to take a look right now:

eco-friendly products

Good causes

The new online store is doing more than championing the environment, though.

eTHikel was born out of its founder’s passion and desire to learn and help educate others about the impact of unethical trade and products and the effect that was having on individuals, flora and fauna and on the environment through allergies, mental health issues, child labour, cruelty to animals, loss of habitat and so much more.

Working together with prominent bloggers and expert sellers it delivers key insights on these and other relevant topics through its online Journal.

Sometimes, all it takes is small changes to make a big difference.

“Promoting simple practices and using natural ingredients have shown how we can all make a positive change to our wellbeing and to the environment,” says Briah.

She lists a few great examples:

Skincare without any harmful and toxic chemicals, letting your skin breath and absorb the expertly sourced natural products.

Elan Skincare: Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Night Treatment – Dream Couple (£80)

eco-friendly products

Spice drops, whether it’s adding turmeric to your diet for fighting inflammation or trying your hand at mixology and shaking up a Dehli Cooler.

Holy Lama: Cocktail Spices Collection (£19)

eco-friendly products

Reclaimed wood for beautiful ‘buy once’ statement furniture promoting a happy healthy home. Rust Collections:

Woburn Reclaimed Dining Table (£1,690 – £2,010)

eco-friendly products

Making a difference

eTHikel is also a site built around values such as honesty, trust, respect and transparency — all under the watchful eye of its legal hotshot founder.

“At eTHikel we pride ourselves on our philosophy, ensuring that we’re always doing the right thing by our customers, whether that’s in relation to the way we list our product ethics or managing your data and keeping it secure,” says Briah.

The company prides itself on protecting customer data and, as an example of its commitment, eTHikel has registered as a voluntary member with the Information Commissioner.

“Our further commitment is that we will only use the most credible partners, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, for processing your payment details and ensuring the highest levels of security. We’ve got you covered on all levels.”

The ultimate goal is to make the world a better place for all, simply through helping people in making the right choices in their purchasing, sharing insight and information, and doing the right thing when it comes to business basics.

“The world we live in is our passion and we want to help contribute to green living so everyone can take responsibility for protecting our precious planet for future generations,” says Briah.

“Whether you’re new to sustainable living or an experienced ethically-aware buyer, we are here to work with you and take this journey together. Let’s make a difference.”

Visit the eThikel online green superstore here:

eco-friendly products