The future of sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion steals the show at Taipei Fashion Week with the launch of the debut Taipei Sustainable Collections event

Sustainable fashion is the star of the show at the latest Taipei Fashion Week.

Taipei Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021 saw the launch of Taipei Sustainable Collections — Asia’s first one-day joint show centred on sustainability.

The debut event — which took place in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on March 11 —  highlighted Taiwan’s innovation in eco-friendly and sustainable textile and fabric development.

Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion

New chapter

The island country is already a pioneer in all things sustainable fashion, from water and energy-saving solution dye techniques to fabrics and textiles created from post-consumer PET bottles, recycled scrap tires, even oyster shells and fish scales.

Six fashion brands with existing sustainable practices — #DAMUR, Claudia Wang, DYCTEAM, JUST IN XX, oqLiq and WEAVISM — plan to utilise these textiles and fabrics to create new concepts and raise awareness in sustainable fashion.

The aim is to demonstrate how the link between the local textile industry and fashion designers can write a new chapter in ‘Made in Taiwan’ style.

Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion


Among the highlights from Taipei Sustainable Collections:

  • #DAMUR is utilising Taiwan’s latest metallic membrane and lamination technology to combine bold design with a realistic context of epidemic prevention.
  • Claudia Wang is utilising 3D virtual technology to minimise waste and present a pattern play of eco-friendly de-signs made from fish scale yarn, biodegradable light fabrics and recycled nylon.
  • The DYCTEAM collection features recycled materials, eco-friendly processed natural cotton, reusable three-layered nylon, down alternatives and biodegradable insulation layers reinvented in the brand’s image.
  • JUST IN XX is utilising recycled fabrics transformed from plastic bottles, industrial wastes and non-toxic remade fabrics to showcase Taiwanese craftsmanship through crocheting and laser-cutting fabric scraps for the Taiwan Olympic uniform.
  • oqLiq has previously explored new fabric technologies and design applications, including leather made by dam sediment and multifunctional materials made from oyster shell powder mixed with plastic pellets created from recycled PET bottles
  • WEAVISM has woven functional fabrics out of unconventional natural materials such as beeswax and banana leaves, where clothes can merge with the earth after being buried in the soil.
Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

The whole idea behind Taipei Sustainable Collections is simple. As global awareness surrounding the impact of environmental change increases, the fashion industry must further examine its relationship with the environment, production and social responsibilities.

Taipei Sustainable Collections is the latest in a string of sustainability initiatives seen at Copenhagen, London and Milan fashion weeks, proving how sustainability has continued to evolve from industry trend to necessary practice.

It is fast becoming an integral theme embedded into the broader fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion

Taipei showcase

Taipei Sustainable Collections is a platform for young designers and exciting brands who balance care for the environment with a humanity-first approach to design to find the intersection of style, innovation and social responsibility.

Official sponsorship of Taipei Fashion Week by the Taiwan government also underscores its increasing dedication to protecting the environment and changing the fashion industry by combining innovative manufacturing power with the visions of emerging designers.

Following the Taipei Sustainable Collections event, Taipei Fashion Week continues through to March 15 and includes 14 physical runway shows to present designers’ creative visions to an audience.

For the latest updates, scheduling information and events, follow the groundbreaking show via the official homepage ( or on social media:
Facebook: @tpefashionweek  Instagram: @tpe.fashionweek  Twitter: @tpefashionweek

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