The fitness trend saving the planet

Get your blood pumping while you help your community

If you vowed that 2019 would be your year to get fit, but your motivation has already started slipping, it’s time to try something new. Going for a jog is usually the first place we look to start our fitness journey. But instead of jumping on the treadmill try getting outside, as there’s a new trend hitting the pavements.

Plogging is a Swedish workout where you pick up, or “Plocka upp”, litter whilst you’re out on your run. It really is as simple as that. It’s great for people who want to increase their cardio but struggle to get motivated. So grab your gloves, strap on your running shoes, and help to clean up your community.

Getting your friends, family or other members of the community involved can make plogging even more fun. Organising regular runs will keep your motivation high, while you do a good deed. More people are getting involved with plogging and sharing the love for this eco-friendly activity; in fact, #plogging has almost 45,000 tags on Instagram.

Plogging is actually even better for you than jogging, burning significantly more calories than running alone. Stats from app Lifesum show that a half hour of plogging will burn 288 calories on average – compared to just 235 calories from regular jogging.

If you’re really keen to up the number of calories you burn, try to add extra exercises in between. For example, try incorporating a couple of lunges or squats between pick-ups. This will keep your heart rate high and increase calories burnt, while you clean up the environment.

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