The Perfume Shop Launches Own-Brand, Vegan Range

Searching for a new vegan perfume? Try The Perfume Shop. 

After twenty-seven years selling over 130 brands, they have announced the launch of their first ever own brand perfume collection.

‘The Perfume Edit’ is made up of three unisex scents – Peppered Earth, Amber Glow and Citrus Fresco all priced at £19.99.

Furthermore, they’re all vegan and cruelty-free, too.

In addition to this, the bottles and boxes are 100 per cent recyclable.

Cathy Newman, The Perfume Shop’s marketing and customer experience director said: “We are really excited to have launched our first ever own brand fragrance. At The Perfume Shop we pride ourselves on our industry leading expertise and have created this range using high-quality ingredients that we know our customers are going to love.”

Intrigued? Here’s what they smell like:

Peppered Earth

Peppered Earth embraces the wonders of nature and encapsulates the scent of blossoming flowers. It creates a mysterious and sensual refined fragrance. Similarly, notes of pink peppercorn, exotic cassis and sweet jasmine, linger on the skin for a long-lasting aroma.

Amber Glow

With an enchanting combination of sweet and spicy, Amber Glow is a tempting and invigorating fragrance. Fresh citrus is at the heart of it with captivating cinnamon and an intriguing tobacco centre. As a result, this scent settles on your skin, providing a warm and compelling aroma.

Citrus Fresco

This playful perfume boasts a revitalizing combination of fresh and powerful notes. The scent embodies zesty notes of sweet lemon to awaken your senses. As well as this, is perfect for a day to night-time transition as it comes to life with intoxicating patchouli helping notes to linger all evening long.