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Rupert and Pip Yoga: a children’s brand dedicated to the wellbeing of our kids and to Mother Earth.

Introducing Rupert and Pip Yoga: a brand committed to the health, wellness, love and care of the children of our world — and to the world itself!

It all started back in 2018, when children’s yoga teacher Joyce Hutchinson teamed up with creative Hannah Worsley, a talented illustrator.

The pair set about creating powerful books for children drawing on all the tools and benefits of yoga and mindfulness.

These remain central to everything Rupert and Pip Yoga are doing today.

“Both yoga and mindfulness are great life-changing tools, rooted in kindness and compassion, not just towards ourselves, but others too and the world around us,” Hutchinson tells BeKind.

“It is so important to be raising awareness for the future of out planet, as well as supporting the health and wellbeing of humans and children. After all, we are all here together, equally a part of this world, one family, in our true home that is Earth!”.

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The journey begins

Rupert and Pip Yoga began its journey for real in 2019 with a first children’s yoga book called ‘Triumphing the Bullies!’.

Promoting resilience, confidence, kindness and compassion, it was written with one primary aim: to support children with healthy physical, mental, emotional and social development.

After enjoying great success, and with a desire to spread the positive seeds of yoga and mindfulness further afield, a second book of the ‘Yoga Adventures!’ series was created and launched in October 2020: ‘Lets go ECO!’.

With a focus on love, care and appreciation for the wonder of our planet, "it’s a beautiful story which not only encourages the practice of yoga and mindfulness for children, but also contains easy-to-understand eco hints and tips".

Suitable for children aged from 3-8 years, the books are great fun for children and the whole family too.

Both titles follow a beautiful, rhyming format, and can be read as a standalone story, just like any other children’s’ book.

They also contain a unique yoga sequence to match the story. These sequences (The Strong Salutation and The Wisdom Sequence) can be practiced independently too and are also available as posters — ideal for those yoga, love and care reminders each and every day.

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Positive change

These are central themes in everything that goes on behind the scenes at Rupert and Pip Yoga.

Keen to make a positive change in this world, and to pass on the powerful, life-changing teachings, practices and philosophies of yoga and mindfulness, the two founders set about creating ideas for the books they wanted to create.

Behind the brand is a desire to teach children not just to love and care for themselves, but also to to look after each other too, as well as our planet.

The founders are also passionate about supporting the mental health of our world, and are eco-conscious beings, keen to promote awareness of all things eco for our planet. “The future of our planet lies in the hands of our future generations, so why not plant these seeds as early as possible for them?” says Hutchinson. “The topics of the books are in line with the ethos and pillars of the brand: promoting resilience and confidence, positive psychology, mental health and mindset, fun and play.”

They also incorporate teachings taken from all the ‘eight limbs of yoga’ philosophy, as well as Buddhism and mindfulness.

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Yoga & mindfulness for children

As part of their overall contribution to these vital areas, 5% of profits go to children’s charities that support mental health.

It’s a cause that both the founders are passionate about.

“Over the past decade research is proving that practices such as yoga and mindfulness help the brain to function better, reduce stress and even reverse the damage of stress on the brain,” says Hutchinson.

“When we are stressed, our brain is less able to function to its optimum capacity. When in a state of stress or strong emotion, it can literally take over the brain and hinder other areas of the brain doing their jobs properly!”

This can be frustrating and confusing, she adds. “Emotion, of course, is a vital part of being human, and gives us essence and vibrancy for life. When understood, cultivated and managed in the right way, we are able to be with our emotions, and be with our stress, without it fully taking over.”

This applies to children as well as adults — children start experiencing 'stress' and strong emotion at a very young age. Many studies show that a gentle regular practice of either yoga or mindfulness (or both) helps children not just with their mental health, but also focus and concentration too. They are essential tools for life.

“Small steps can help to make a big difference.”

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