The UK’s Greenest Summer

September is here and summer is over for another year. But, it’s not all doom and gloom.

According to sustainable cider brand, Old Mout, almost three quarters of Brits took it upon themselves to be more eco-conscious this summer.

From school strikes spearheaded by Greta Thunberg, to the Extinction Rebellion protests – it’s been a green summer for certain.

Their research revealed that 44 per cent of Brits actively tried to reduce their carbon footprint.

Plus, one in four stated that David Attenborough had the biggest impact on their eco-choices.

In fact Old Mout’s research concluded that, the UK is fighting the good fight for climate change across four key areas.

Not plastic fantastic – 52 per cent say no to single-use plastic

What’s the change?

Single-use may have been the Collins Dictionary Word of 2018 but the fight against them has carried on. It’s simply not en vogue to carry a bottle of water or coffee cup around these day. Results show that just this summer alone over a half of Brits swapped their single-use plastic bottles for reusable ones.

What’s the impact?

We all know where we can, we shouldn’t be using single-use plastic bottles anymore and as a result of 52 per cent swapping for reusable ones, there has been 1.69 billion less plastic bottles used in the UK alone this summer.

Slowing down fats fashion – 24 per cent bought less clothes this summer

What’s the change?

When it comes to Brits buying habits, we’re known as being a nation of shopaholics but this is something that’s changing for the better, with almost one in four Brits buying less clothes this summer, (17 per cent) buying only second-hand clothing and (15 per cent) opting to fix their clothes instead of throwing them away. On top of that, almost half consider whether what they’re spending their money on combats climate change. And, over a third think about whether a product is recyclable before buying.

What’s the impact?

Buying less is not only good for the planet; apparently it’s good for your wallet. As a result of one in four (24 per cent) Brits buying less clothes they’ve saved over £4.3 billion this season.

Can I recycle this? – 64 per cent went out of their way to recycle their products

What’s the change?

What you can and can’t recycle is often a minefield but a whopping 64 per cent of Brits go out of their way to recycle their products; almost half have taken it upon themselves to learn more about what and how to recycle responsibly this summer and over one third recycle everything they know they can but wish they knew more about what they can and can’t recycle. When it comes to spreading the word, almost half have tried to educate those closest to them on the importance of recycling and a 72 per cent of Brits think more needs to be done to educate the public on the importance of recycling.

What’s the impact?

British households throw 22 million tonnes of waste into the bin every year. With a huge number of Brits going out of their way to recycle this summer, we’ve seen a reduction of 345,600 tonnes of household waste over the last three months

Eco-friendly travel – 10 per cent explored an alternative eco-friendly travel route

What’s the change?

Holidays are often the one thing we bury our head in the sand over when it comes to carbon footprint and flying but not so much this summer. An impressive one in ten (10%) explored an alternative eco-friendly route to their usual form of transport to travel over the summer. Once on holiday, almost three quarters (71%) of Brits took eco-action in some way including (45%) taking their own reusable cups and cutlery and (23%) not buying bottled water.

What’s the impact?

Even with just one in ten using an alternative mode of transport, the impact is huge. In this summer alone, the UK will have reduced its net emissions of carbon dioxide by 9.1 million tonnes