We’ve Found The World’s Greenest Cities

Whether you plan to go near or far, make sure you keep it green

When the travel bug bites, there’s no stopping it. But unfortunately, jumping on a plane certainly isn’t doing the planet any favours; to counteract this, try to visit a city that is doing its bit to be kind to the world. Whether they have amazing cycling systems or they’re at the of front of conserving energy, these cities are definitely the world’s top eco-friendly cities!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As Amsterdam is known as the city of bikes, it’s no wonder it’s one of the world’s greenest cities. Its compact design makes it easy to get around without relying on a gas-guzzling car or getting stuck in traffic. But it’s not just the bikes that keeps the city’s CO2 levels low; a network of canals, trams and buses make it easy to get from A to B in an eco-friendly fashion. The city is also home to a number of ethical, sustainable fashion brands, which avoid toxic dyes and pesticides. The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week offers downloadable maps of ethical fashion outlets, so make sure you check out the best place which will help you look great, without compromising our planet.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re thinking of venturing further afield, pay South Africa’s capital a visit. They have a number of eco-friendly businesses, including plastic-free stores, and ethical fashion brands, which makes shopping sustainably easy. By 2020, Cape Town hopes to have 10 per cent of home powered by solar panels to reduce CO2 emissions. It’s also home to Darling Wind Farm, which produces clean energy for the town. In fact, it’s doing such a great job at reducing Cape Town’s carbon footprint, it’s influencing other cities around the world to consider investing in wind power. This green city really will blow you away.

San Francisco, United States

As North America’s greenest city, San Fran has put a cap on water waste and are leading the composting and recycling scene. Residents stop 80 per cent of their waste from a fate in landfill, reducing their impact on global warming. Specific bins are given to encourage citizens to live a green lifestyle – and it definitely seems to be working! California’s sunny city was also congratulated for being a Climate Action Champion back in 2014 by President Barack Obama. It has enforced Green Taxi Law to ensure cabs reduce their CO2 emissions; in fact, more than 60 per cent of San Francisco’s taxis run on alternative fuel, and buses are powered on biodiesel. Keep up the good work, San Fran!