Three Acts Of Kindness #1

The world can seem like a depressing place at times that lacks kindness.

Newspapers and bulletins always seem to report bad news – it’s always  one thing after another.

However, in order to bring some positivity to your week, we’re bringing you a weekly round-up of three bits of good news. Or what we like to call – three acts of kindness.

Let’s begin!

Sainsbury’s commit to halving their plastic use

The supermarket giant is is scrapping plastic bags in store for fresh food purchases from next week.

From 30th September, shoppers will no longer be able to get plastic bags to place their fruit and veg in.

Instead, they’ll be encouraged to bring their own, or pay a 30p charge for a reusable carrier.

Their new reusable carriers are drawstring bags, which can be reused.

As a result, they hope this will help them to reach their goal to reduce 50 per cent of their plastic use by 2025.

Plus, Sainsbury’s are also no longer using plastic bags for home deliveries. From 1st October, you’ll only be able to order online shopping to arrive in crates.

It’s great to see big brands taking responsibility!

Bee population given a boost

It’s no secret the the UK’s bee population is declining.

However, a new project will see millions of wildflowers planted to help increase their numbers.

The campaign was set up by the Eco Emeralds, a group of young environmentalists in Liverpool, with the help of by Semble, a platform for community projects.

Up to 15 million wildflower seeds will be planted in upcoming weeks as part of the scheme.

Since July, more than 330,000 seedballs have been given out to families via Iceland supermarkets and The Food Warehouse, as part of the Backyard Nature campaign.

We’re so pleased to see a project showing kindness to our precious wildlife, too.

A butchers goes vegan

Hill & Szrok, a butcher’s shop in London, is hosting a pop-up which will only offer vegan meat from The Vegetarian Butcher.

Instead they will serve plant-based meat from The Vegetarian Butcher  including ‘Big Bangers’ and meat-free chicken called What the Cluck.

While the move is only temporary as part of the pop-up event, we think it’s a great move to bring veganism to the masses.

Hill & Szrok made the decision to go vegan in honor their recent pledge to become more sustainable.

On their website, they have stated: “We’ve decided that the typical model of a butcher’s shop doesn’t sit right with us.” Intensive commercial farming methods are destroying the planet.”

The swap shows kindness to the environment and animals – win, win!