Three Acts Of Kindness #2

This week saw the arrival of October and the air has a distinct autumnal feel to it.

And, the new season isn’t the only thing to be happy about.

From a supermarket ditching plastic bags, to a travel brand getting ethical about animal tours.

Here are three acts of kindness from the week.

Morrisons goes bag-less

From 28th October, the supermarket will be removing plastic bags from their online deliveries. This means your groceries will be delivered bag-less.

However, to keep certain products safe and maintain product quality, some items in your delivery such as bleach will still be bagged.

After 28th October, delivery drivers will be happy to carry your shopping into your kitchen for you. Alternatively, make sure you have your reusable bags ready at the door so your groceries can be easily transferred.

TripAdvisor helps dolphins and whales

TripAdvisor has announced it will no longer sell tickets to major attractions that import or breed captive dolphins and whales for entertainment.

As a result, the update will affect major attractions including SeaWorld.

The travel company created an animal welfare policy in 2016 and this is its latest update.

This policy already includes not selling tickets to places with “demeaning animal shows and performances.”

As well as this, there is a ban on shows where travelers can play or interact with captive wild animals.

Tesco supports a new food waste initiative

Tesco will provide surplus packhouse food to Kenyan schools.

The project will see surplus food from packhouses turned into soup to distribute free of charge to schools.

The supermarket has joined forces with global produce supplier Flamingo on the project.

Earlier in the year, Tesco trialed successful pilot that fed 2,000 school children in Naivasha.

Furthermore, the scheme will be rolled out to a wider area with the aim of feeding more than 5,000 children daily by January.

It’s great to see a supermarket doing something about food waste.