Three Of The Best Vegan Food Subscription Boxes

Ditch the supermarket in favour of one of these brilliant subscription boxes.

We’ve all experienced the dread of needing to do a food shop, but felt drained at the thought of crammed supermarket aisles and long checkout queues. Ever wished someone else could do it for you? This is where food subscription boxes come in – tasty ingredients, handpicked and delivered at your convenience – what could be easier? Here are some of the best vegan food boxes worth biting into.

Oddbox: The one dedicated to tackling food waste

Did you know £1 billion worth of food gets wasted before it’s even left the farm? Thankfully, it’s the mission of Oddbox to do something about it. They specialise in saving rejected fruit and veg deemed surplus, or too big or small for supermarket shelves, that was headed for the bin. Instead, these items are rescued and delivered through customer doors as a subscription service. Ater all, they’re still perfectly edible. Oddbox customers also receive weekly communication on products that are at risk of being wasted and then have the chance to add these to their boxes for a fair price to farmers, and customers. By offering these products to the Oddbox community, you can get your hands on some exciting seasonal British produce.

Boxes start from £9.45,

TheVeganKind: The one for the plant-based newbie

It can feel overwhelming when you first make the transition over to a vegan diet. So, allow TheVeganKind’s Lifestyle box to make this process easier. Crammed full of plant-based treats, from drinks to sweets, crisps and fruit, it’s a fantastic way of finding out about various snack brands. Plus, the box also includes recipe cards so you’ll build up a collection of staple plant-based meal ideas, too. They also have a beauty box that’s crammed with cruelty-free products. TheVeganKind donates money from every box to a different animal charity each month, too.

Boxes start from £8,

Riverford: The one for organic produce

Set up over 30 years ago, Riverford began when founder, Guy Watson, started delivering vegetables locally to friends in Devon. Now, Riverford dispatch around 47,000 boxes a week to homes across the UK. And, they are renowned for offering the best in organic goods. They have a dedicated vegan section, featuring recipe boxes, deli items, essentials, baked goods and drinks – so there’s plenty to choose from. Plus, they get a thumbs up on the environmental side of things too, as their cardboard box packaging has saved 184,086kg of plastic waste since 2000.

Small veg box prices start from £11.75,