Throw A Wonky Veg Picnic This Summer

Picnics are the epitome of summer – and Dash Water are encouraging people to pack wonky veg when they dine alfresco.

The sparkling water brand are hosting a huge picnic full of wonky veg to encourage people to think about food waste.

The event, which takes place between 12-4pm on 18th July, will serve up a variety of foods which may usually get thrown out.

Curved cucumber sandwiches and a lemon meringue pavlova topped with wonky raspberries will all be served.

Dash Water hope that the event will encourage people to rethink food waste.

In the UK alone, 5,000,000 tonnes of food is thrown away each year as it’s deemed too imperfect for supermarket shelves.

Dash Water purposely use wonky veg and fruit to infuse their water with for this reason.

Guests will be able to hydrate with cans of Dash Water while relaxing in a ‘farm-like’ setting at Soho Square.

In addition to this there will also be a photo booth for guests to capture moments from the day.

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This brand rescue surplus and deliver it to your door.

As a result, they have saved 986,549kg of fresh fruit and veg from being thrown away. In other words, the equivalent of 78 double decker buses.

They also work with charities who collect 10 per cent of their produce and redistribute it to people in need.

Oddbox hope to tackle five per cent of the pre-farm fruit and veg waste by 2022 in the UK.