Tips For Keeping Your Animals Calm On Fireworks Night

With November 5th on the horizon, people across the UK will be setting off plenty of fireworks.

For most, the booms and bangs are a pure delight. However, for animals they can be terrifying.

Simon Bandy, managing director at Health Plus, offers his tips on keeping companion animals safe and relaxed on bonfire night.


  • If you can, keep your cat in as night starts to fall.  Frightened cats outside won’t have their usual wits about them.  If they are in the house they can find a place they feel safe to curl up
  • Keep windows and curtains closed to prevent them escaping, and to keep light leaks from the explosions to a minimum.
  • Where possible stay at home with your feline friend.  Your presence and hands on stroking will help calm them.


  • Plan to walk your dog while it’s still light.  Getting them out for exercise before nightfall reduces the risk of fireworks being set off while you are on your walk.
  • When at home in the evening, turn the television or radio on a little louder than you would normally have it.  This way the heightened noise can act as a screen for the outside bangs
  • Build a den as a safe area for them to retreat to.  If they usually have a crate in the house, drape a large blanket over it to create an extra layer of safety.


  • Give your rabbit lots of extra bedding so they can burrow down and hide away from the loud fireworks. Consider adding a box full of hay into their hutch during this time that they can easily access.
  • Place a blanket or a cover over their hutch to help block out the bright lights and noises. Just ensure they still have enough ventilation.
  • Move their hutch inside your garage or shed – again this extra shelter will make them feel safe when the fireworks are going off.